25 April 2018, by E-van and Terry

Bunny and Baby Talk

We’re almost reaching the half-year mark, living in our new flat.

Can you believe it?

And having a little bunny albeit not so little anymore (they grow up so fast), the flat is more bunny proofed than I thought!


As bunnies like chewing on all things wood, plastic, rubber, or simply scratching the consoles of our PS4, all these things have to be kept out of sight!

And now that Tangyuan has grown quite substantially, his jumps are… well let’s just say he’s tiny but mighty.

Now, he is able to jump up onto our bed, as well as our couch!

So we make sure we’re in the room when he decides to visit, otherwise the room doors are all closed when we’re not home.


This is what a little bunny is capable of when he first learned to jump up on our bed.


This is what’s become of our couch. (When we’re not home)

We place these spikes on our sofa which are made of soft rubber to prevent Tangyuan from jumping on our sofa (if he tries, at least the soft rubber will not hurt him)

We also placed a picnic mat on the sofa as a preventive measure of his successful attempts and leaving his “I was here” marks.

Hah, the life of a bunny owner! Or rather, life of a free roaming bunny!

Aside from our new housemate, we’ve been asked this question numerous times. And we find ourselves asking each other too:

“Are we planning for a bun-ny(get it? Bun-ny tummy) soon?”

In all honesty, this question does bring me stress as I am the kind who lives in the moment, for the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a baby. Girl or boy, doesn’t matter.

What’s the big stress about bringing a beautiful baby into the world you might ask… there are a lot of REAL thoughts that run through my mind.

Firstly, my job.

Because as a performer, I won’t be able to stay in my job, which means I will have to leave my company for perhaps a year as it’s dangerous to perform while pregnant.

This means we will have one less income. A lead up to my second stress…

And, essentially I, not Terry, it is me who’s frightened about the financial situation we will put ourselves in.

So here is what I am doing to make sure these two stresses are out of our way.

Mum’s business I am going to help out in my mum’s business. I’ve taken up a course to ensure that I am able to handle the tasks involved in her business.

Interest Next up, a make-up artist course; it is what I have been interested. Hopefully I can pursue this interest and earn some income!

I’m taking up these courses with hopes of getting more income to save and be more financially ready for our baby and also to be able to work while baking a bun in the oven.

Of course, Terry and I do have a set goal – next year in January; meaning the factory will be opened for business hahaha!

We really look forward to us having one of our own.

Imagine…Junior Terry/E-van…It’s gonna be a BEAUTIFUL (or Handsome) Baby!


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