28 December 2017, by Rachelyn Gordon

A week with N

I realised something important about myself during my recent 10-week trip to Australia…

While I could adapt to different living conditions well, I was very particular about how I kept my toilet and room clean and tidy. I have always regarded myself to be a “go with the flow” person but I was wrong.

So, when N and I decided that he was going to come over and spend a week with me, I was more than a little nervous.

You see, I have been to N’s room in Singapore. And I have not been very impressed on more than one occasion.

Don’t get me wrong. His hygiene habits are great… but only when he chooses to… N can become a very messy person.

So, there are times where I have gone over to his house and eyeballed the mess of receipts, clothes, bags and shoes strewn on his bedroom floor.

Granted that N is extremely busy and both he and I still live with our parents and have the luxury of knowing that our mums can help clean up after us, I still often nag at him to clean up his mess.

Fast forward to December 2017 in Australia.

N arrived to the house I was staying and what caught my attention immediately was how small my room became.

The room I occupied had a built-in wardrobe, two single beds, a desk and still had sufficient space for me to have a solo dance party if I wanted to. Plus, I had grown accustomed to putting some of my things on the other bed.

However, with N in there, not only did I have to clear my things off the other single bed, there was barely space to shuffle past each other without getting elbowed in the stomach!

What pleasantly surprised me was how N was so observant of how I set up my room. He quickly took my lead in placing his shoes under the bed when he enters the room – never at the doorway to avoid tripping over them and his bag under the table so that it doesn’t reduce our limited walking space.

What unpleasantly surprised me, however, were my habits that N had trouble agreeing with. Yup. Never had it crossed my mind that N would take issue with some of my habits!

The two that irked him were my wet towel on the bed and how I capped my toothpaste tube back without washing off the excess tooth paste that had collected around the outside.


If you know me well then you know exactly how the above exclamation sounded in real life. Were those “habits” even allowed to be called “habits”?!!

In any case, though I thought N was being quite mad (hahaha), I decided that since he had been so respectful of my needs, that the least I could do was take note of his.

The rest of the trip went relatively smoothly and it was just a nice experience to have living with N in another country for a bit. It was a good, small test for us to see if we could live with each other.

The verdict?


Yes! (So long as I hang my wet towel on the rack and wash excess tooth paste off the cap that is! :p)

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