29 August 2017, by E-van and Terry

Renovation Journey: 80% Done!

Yes that’s right, we are getting there! Along with the stress that comes with it comes the actual product of what we envisioned… And to see what we have in mind come to past is really amazing.


My kitchen floor may look like nothing to you but it’s everything to me and Terry.

I would say that in the midst of building our home with our contractor, we really go back and forth a lot (no kidding). It doesn’t help that when I pick something out of the catalogue and after seeing the actual thing, I decided that I do not like it.

We would take time (sometimes… a long time) to discuss about what type of wood finish we preferred, and when we finally made a strong and confirmed decision to go with the one we liked the most and both agreed on… the contractor would tell us… “This particular one is out of stock” or “All available except that one because it’s discontinued” 😭

The biggest issue we faced would be the color of paint we chose. Here’s why:

Terry is an artist and he is very particular about warm and cool tones, or if it has a yellow or red undertone… I know, it’s serious business! Hahaha. But we’ve picked out things we like, and although there are some that turned out slightly different from the sample pieces (due to countless of people touching the sample piece or I don’t know, oxidation?), we just roll with it and move on to see what we can improve on.

Speaking of getting things slightly different… I came down to the house a couple of days ago to wait for the arrival of all our lightings, when I realised that the color of the house seemed to be a little… off. Why did the walls seem so, pink?!

Oh no!

It is the color we chose from a picture sent by our contractor!

I quickly went to the paint bucket to check if it was really the color we chose. And it was.


Apparently the color ‘Cotton White’ turned out to be beige-pink! There are things I can accept and let go but… as I continued to look at the walls, there was a nagging voice in my head saying “NO NO NO CANNOT”.

Immediately, I called the husband to ask what we should do.

Long story short, we are paying a little extra for a change in colour. It is not that bad because they’ve only opened one bucket so we will probably pay for that… here’s hoping the last 20% revised bill won’t shock us!

Lesson learnt here: Go to the actual website to choose your color and not through photos.


Lights and fans are also up! The flat should be ready for handover very soon, possibly this week! I can’t believe it, it wasn’t too long ago that we just got our keys and now our renovation is almost done!

Moving in really soon… teehee! We can’t control our excitment!

Here are some tips for doing up your home:

  1. Imagination: It’s good to have an imagination of what you and your spouse would like your home to look like.
  2. Space: A BTO in Singapore can be much smaller than you think, so plan accordingly.
  3. Ideas: Check out Pinterest and interior design companies’ photo albums to get design ideas for your home.
  4. Showflats: Visit showflats to get a feel of the style you like.
  5. Friends: Check with friends who have recently done up their place for tips.

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