28 August 2017, by Mandy Loh

A Moving Experience

It’s been the singularly most stressful, tiring, and challenging life event ever, and this is coming from a woman who has gone through childbirth. Without epidural. Twice.

Yes, moving house has got to be one of life’s MAJOR milestones. Now I understand why it takes 3 months to complete a sale and purchase of a property. Because you really need that much time to get ready for the big move!

To the left, to the left, everything we own in a box to the left...

To the left, to the left, everything we own in a box to the left…

And guess what, its not even over yet! We’re STILL in the midst of the transition right now. While we’ve moved all of our earthly possessions into our new flat, we’re not physically staying there. We’ve had to do some minor works such as repainting, and replacing some bathroom fixtures, so we’re in a temporary “hotel-home” at the moment.

At this point, I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to my lovely cousin, Jin, who happened to be moving from one rental apartment to another, and had overlapped his rental agreements. When he heard about our situation, he kindly offered to let us stay in one of the apartments for these 2 weeks! Hooray! We are so thankful for his kind generosity, and the amazingly serendipitous timing! ­čÖé

Packing up an entire house is no small feat! But it basically can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Decluttering – throwing away/ donating items that you no longer need or want
  2. Archiving – Carefully keeping items of significance into little “time capsules”
  3. Boxing – putting everything else into cardboard boxes for the big move

Archiving: A trip down memory lane

Being a rather sentimental person, I really enjoyed the archiving process. Although time-consuming, it was great fun looking through my things and coming across little mementos I’ve kept aside, such as ticket stubs from travels, letters, and even my babies’ very first nail clippings! What brought the biggest smiles, though, were the sweet love notes that Tim had written to me while we were dating. So that was how I got “cheated” into marrying him! Haha!

For me, one of the best ways to archive significant items is to create simple “time capsules”, but in cardboard boxes, not metal capsules. This was something my sister and I started doing in our previous house move (17 years ago!!!), to store away some items from our childhood, with the intention of showing it to our kids in future. Well, our “Retro Toys” time capsule was kept away in the upper cupboards of our home all this time, and finally saw the light of day only now, when it came time to move again!

Some of my favourite toys from my childhood!

Some of my favourite toys from childhood!

Found a picture of my 2nd birthday! With my 7-year old sister!

Found a picture of my sister and I, celebrating my 2nd birthday! Does Caris look like me?

My munchkins exploring the time capsule with glee!

My munchkins having fun exploring the “Retro Toys” time capsule!

And to continue the tradition, I took the time to create time capsules for both my munchkins, and also consolidated a few other capsules of my own. Funny how all of life’s memories can fit into a couple of little boxes…

Moving, in more ways than one

Indeed, this house move has also been┬áemotionally moving, because it’s been my family home for 17 years, as well as my matrimonial home for 7 years. This home has seen many important and joyous life events: both my sister and I got married here; and both my children were born and raised here!

Got married here...

Got married here…

welcomed newborn Cristan into his home

…welcomed newborn Cristan into this home in 2011…

and added baby Caris to the mix in 2014!

…and added baby Caris to the mix in 2014!

Both Cristan and Caris have lived in this home their ENTIRE LIVES. This is home as they know it, and their playground friends and neighbours are as close as family. We’re so gonna miss everyone in this estate!

Cristan drew a farewell card for his BFF neighbour!

Cristan drew a farewell card for his BFF neighbour! So cute!!!

Yep, it was bittersweet to bid farewell to this place, but we are looking forward to more joyful and blessed moments in future, in our new home!

Farewell, mi Casa!

Farewell, beloved Casa!

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