26 July 2017, by Mandy Loh

Who’s Afraid Of Pri 1 Registration?

Exciting times are beckoning!

We’re gearing up for some pretty big events, all in the next few weeks! First up, Primary One Registration for Cristan, and then right after that, a house move!


With regards to Primary School registration, we’re waiting for Phase 2C, happening this week on 26-28 July.

My alma mater is too far away from where we stay, and Tim didn’t attend Primary School in Singapore. So with no affiliations whatsoever, we are left with Phase 2C, and we’re just hoping for the best this week!

A little note on this matter: fellow parents have shared about how they got really stressed out over Primary School registration, especially if they had to go through balloting.

Thankfully, Tim and I are pretty chillax about it, because we don’t have a specific school that we are fixated about. We have 2-3 schools in our neighbourhood, and I’d be happy with any of them!

For me, it’s a simple matter of checking which school has vacancies on the registration days itself!

I truly believe that it doesn’t really matter which school my children attend. Every school is a good school (yes I believe the Minister’s words!) I’m sure there are good teachers in every school, and I will just hope and pray that Cristan (and in a couple of years, Caris) will have the best teachers, make lots of good friends, and have a wonderful Primary School experience!

Letting Go

The thing that IS causing me some stress though, is the upcoming house move. Ok ok I know its something millions of people have done before, but it’s MY first time!

To fill in the background: when Tim and I got married 7-years ago, we found ourselves in a sandwich-class predicament. Our combined income had just busted the (back-then) income ceiling for HDB BTO flats. Yet we couldn’t afford a private property in the area we wanted to stay in.

Eventually, we came up with an innovative solution: we bought a condo unit for my parents, while we took over their existing condo unit.

Basically, we swopped properties. Which means that after getting married, I continued staying in the same place that I’d been living in since my University days! But this was always supposed to be a short-term arrangement, and now it is time to move on and purchase our very first matrimonial (resale) flat!

Thankfully, we are not doing massive renovations at our new place, because we were blessed to find a flat that has already been nicely done up, and in move-in condition. We will just be doing some minor works/ repainting, and that’s it! Phew!

With regards to preparing for the move, I’ve mainly been decluttering, focusing on how to give away, rather than trashing items that I no longer need, but are still usable.

Here’s what I have done so far:


I have a good number of formal suits (still in excellent condition) that are just hanging in my wardrobe, unused, as I’m not working in an office environment anymore.

So I took photos of each suit, and asked around whether any friends needed pre-loved suits. Happily, I’ve managed to give away a majority of them. It’s such a delightful win-win situation, and I’m just glad that the suits have become useful once again!

I completely decluttered my wardrobe, packing away bags of pre-baby clothes while finally accepting the hard truth that I will NEVER fit into them again. *sigh* Those clothes were then dropped off at Salvation Army.

(PS. Did you know that besides pre-loved clothes, Salvation Army also accepts donations of other items such as toys, bags, and even kitchen utensils! Good to know!)

Wardrobe decluttering in progress!

Wardrobe decluttering in progress!

I also found lots of maternity clothes STILL hanging around, taking up wardrobe space just because I never took the time to pack them away! So those were packed up and passed on to a friend who is currently expecting!


Besides clothes, I learnt that big items of furniture can be given away via Carousell! We posted pictures of our dining table, living room table, and TV console, offering them at $0, and they were snapped up within a day! We save on disposal cost, and they get free furniture! Awesome!

I also managed to pass some pieces of furniture to a friend, and the movers we engaged were happy to do a diversion (delivering items to a 2nd location) for a small additional fee. Perfect!

This sofa was where Tim sat, dazed, for quite a long while, when we first found out we were expecting Cristan! Hahaha...good times...

This sofa was where Tim sat, dazed, for quite a long while, when we first found out we were expecting Cristan! Hahaha…and now its moving on to a new life!

While I’m pretty happy with the progress so far, I’m cognisant of the fact that I haven’t actually started packing anything into boxes! *Gulp* So that’s going to be my main focus for the next 2 weeks.

Wish us luck! I’ll update again next month when everything is over and the dust settles 🙂

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