22 July 2017, by E-van and Terry

The Start of Reno Work!

Renovation works are now in full force! This is the beginning of the huge transformation being done to our home. After submitting the approval to HDB, it will take about one week for the renovation to commence.

Usually the contractor will give a time gauge of six weeks for the whole house to be ready for handover. We have given the contractor a padlock and a key for the house, and we keep a spare key for ourselves whenever we want to take a look at the progress.


This is what it looks like from our doorway right now.


Walls have been hacked.


Walls are now covered in special chemicals for overlaying of tiles.


Floors are getting covered in cement for tiling.

It’s been quite a process. From finding a suitable contractor, to deciding design details right down to its colour and material. And in all honesty, great fun.

Of course the money part is a little stressful too. But it’s nothing we cannot handle… we are trying our best and we really want our home to be where our hearts will be. Wow so cheesy. Hahaha…

Besides discussing our house design and layout, we’ve also been going back and forth to Balestier area countless times. Four times for me, to be exact.

We’ve bought 95% of our lighting and are still nit-picking the final few. There are specific ones we want to get.


The folks at Chan Huat Lighting

We changed our minds twice – which means altering our final invoice twice. Good thing we haven’t set a date for delivery or it would’ve been more messy.

But this auntie and Chinese guy up there have been so helpful and patient and they provide really good service. They know their stuff and that’s what makes us feel that they are reliable. Nothing beats a motherly customer service person!

At the same time, on my off days, I take the afternoon to look at couches for the living room.

I’ve been to a few places like the Harvey Norman new factory outlet store, Second Charm, Castlery and so on.


At Second Charm with a helpful husband


On my own at Castlery

It has been exciting yet nerve wrecking. Exciting because my home is finally getting started with its wet works! Nerve wrecking because all we can do is imagine how it can turn out to be.

How it really turns out might be completely different from what we thought. We didn’t hire an ID for our home so it’s all on us, what we like, how we feel.

It is total, complete control. Maybe that’s why it’s nerve wrecking! If I don’t like the final result I only have myself to blame. Hahaha! But I’m sure I’ll love it. If I don’t, I’ll grow to love it.

Our first 40% payment has been made. And boy, that’s a huge sum of money.

Even at our wedding, I didn’t see our money fly like that. At our wedding, we paid a little here and there so the pinch was not as great. This one, is a punch.

My mindset is, I want the home that I’ll be living in to be comfortable and beautiful. There may be Pinterest and websites of beautiful homes, but this, will be my home, our home with our own flavor.

Watch out for our next update. We have been trying different mattresses and sofas and dining tables and chairs. Yes it’s a lot of stuff. I’ll see you in my next post!

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