4 July 2017, by E-van and Terry


That’s right! It’s finally time for us to collect our keys! We went for the 8am slot on a Saturday morning. I was more than happy to wake up early for such an important day!


Not sure if you can tell through a screen but we were BEYOND excited. We’ve waited for this day far too long!

We were early, got our queue number and sat on the many sofas available (because it was so early haha). Our turn didn’t take too long and I would be lying if I said I walked to our booth. (I ran, giggling. Hahaha!)

Some might be wondering, why the title? Panic? Well, here goes…

Panic Number 1

Our HDB officer asked if we brought my parent’s ICs as we will be living close to them and will be given a grant for that. Guess what… we didn’t bring them. In his state of excitement, Terry missed out the page on “What to Bring Upon Key Collection”. 😱

Thank goodness, our very understanding HDB officer said it’s okay she will just close one eye for us. (We had previously sent scanned soft copies of my parent’s ICs and marriage certificate) So I was so very grateful that she did that for us!

Man…Panic Number 2

Now the next sentence she asked was… “Can I have your marriage certificate?”

I looked at Terry and he looked back at me with eyes widened. You can imagine where my jaw would have dropped this time, yes, the floor. I grabbed my hair and said “no no no no noooooooooo!!!” I’ve never felt more stupid in my life. We’ve always known that upon the key collection, we would have to show proof of our marriage certificate!!

Our HDB officer smiled, (note: not condescendingly but kindly) “Hmmm, how about a picture of it? Or a soft copy?” The only picture I remembered taking a photo with my marriage certificate was on my wedding day. Hahaha… Then the officer asked if anyone was home to take a picture of it. Terry was already dialing and calling his father. Thank God he was home! He would usually be out on a Saturday morning visiting his nieces!

So we got Terry’s father to take photos of our certificate to send it to us. What you see in the picture below are different versions of photos sent to us because his dad’s phone didn’t take very clear photos and the lighting was too dark and all those things.


Our HDB officer left her desk FOUR times to print our marriage certificate.

So I hope you understand my title by now. The panic was real. No joke. My father-in-law was also panicking for us while he took those photos. I remember what Terry said over the phone to his dad, that made the HDB officer laugh: “Pa, can just take a straight photo? Don’t need to be like Star Wars one”.

After all this panic was over and settled, we finally heard the golden words of the officer: “Okay, let me get your keys for you.” Such. Sweet. Words. Music to my ears… life changing!


Yeeeessss!!! If I could I would’ve screamed right there and then! We got the  keys to our gate, the front door and mailbox! We did not opt for doors in the house so we didn’t get keys for that. After which we had to settle some other things in HDB Hub like (1) Get fire insurance for our home and (2) Activate the water supply… (hello PUB bills!).

We then made our way to our NEW empty home. Even saying the address to the cab driver made us giggle with excitement! Haha!


Terry took out his own house keys by mistake.

As we entered our bare home, I couldn’t believe I own this place. All I could think of was #Adulting. Hahahaha!

I can't wait to work on it and beautify it into a dream home for myself and Terry.

I can’t wait to work on it and beautify it into a dream home for myself and Terry.

We have spoken to a few contractors and just might have found the contractor we would like to work with. We are more than ready to change this space!  Hopefully in the next post, I’ll be able to show you more than a bare flat! Haha. Stay tuned!

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