9 June 2017, by E-van and Terry

Wee Went Camping!

So we, the Wees, packed our bags and headed to East Coast Park over the weekend for a camping trip. Through this trip, I have learnt a few very important lessons. Read on to find out!


Our view where we set up base.

Lesson #1: Bring an electronic fan

As we all know, it has been rather hot and humid in Singapore for the past week. (Story of our lives, right?)

But when we got there we were pleasantly surprised with the cool breeze that was consistent… right until 11pm when we were ready to sleep! That cool air was gone too soon. #RIPcoolbreeze


Lesson #2: Being married doesn’t kill fun!


Who says married couples don’t do couple-y things anymore? Truth be told, it is so easy to be thrown into the current of ritual everyday life. Husband goes to work, wife goes to work, meet after work, have dinner together and repeat.

But if you put in just a bit of effort, even for just one night, you get to have a bit of fun together… if your mind went there… please get your head out of the gutter! Haha!


Lesson #3: Don’t do barbecue. Just dabao (take away) food!

We set up our tent and placed a picnic mat right outside the doorway to maximise our space.

We set up our tent and placed a picnic mat right outside the doorway to maximise our space.

So now it was time to start our mini barbecue.

We were at it for almost two hours, trying to get the charcoal to turn orange (and stay orange…). Finally, we gave up.

I really hated that feeling because I am not one who gives up easily, but we were getting hangry (hungry+angry) by the minute. I can usually achieve a mean charcoal barbecue system, but alas I met my match. Geddit, match? #accidentalpun

I threw away the mini barbecue set so I could “throw away” my unhappiness. And why be reminded of my 2-hours of failure?

So, we ordered McDonald’s. Once again, the clown saves the day! Making kids happy and saving adults from failed barbecues.


Lesson #4: Those wedding props came in hipster-handyADB4270A-5CF7-450A-B75A-F03D712C0CDC

When it came to twilight, I put on fairy lights around our mat (no extra money spent – fairy lights were from our wedding) and it made our space look pretty and romantic.

If a hipster walked by they would have definitely taken a picture of it and post it on their Instagram.


Lesson #5: Ditch your phones


We brought Bananagram while we feast on our burgers and fries.

Tip: Bring a board game or a cooperative game suitable for two players.

You won’t waste your phone data or its battery percentage and you get to spend real quality time together and enjoy nature.

Oh, another tip: bring a portable radio so you don’t drain your phone’s battery and can still listen to the latest hits.


Lesson #6: An electric fan and insect repellent will save you

Soon it was time to sleep and this is when the breeze decided to call it a day. This was when the much needed electronic fan or mosquito repellent could’ve saved us.

But alas we didn’t have them. It’s okay though, we made it out alive (& sticky) the next day. Don’t forget to bring powder wipes – you’ll thank me later.


We used the oBike app to rent ourselves a bike each (they are scattered everywhere in East Coast Park) and decided to head for breakfast.

It is easy to use. Just download the app, pay a deposit of $19.90 (for students) or $49.90 to start using. The entire deposit can be refunded any time.


Lesson #7: McDonald’s!!!

Okay, why do I feel so guilty that I have to announce what I had for breakfast? Yes it was McDonald’s again. Maybe that’s why I worked out so hard this morning to sweat out the McDonald’s hahaha.


The newly revamped McDonald’s in East Coast park is really classy and we were highly rewarded with the perfect amount of air con.

Terry’s exact words: “Wow this Macdonald’s is nicer than an Apple Store.” That’s how nice it was.


Of course we got ourselves Happy Meals.


And look, AirCharge! You can charge any device on these nifty gadgets!


Here are some of my (and possibly yours) supremely important things to bring for camping in Singapore.

  1. Powder wipes
  2. Electronic/Portable fan
  3. Mosquito repellent patches

It is very easy for you to go for a camping trip here in Singapore. All you need to do is to go to any AXS machine and get a camping permit. It’s free.

Make sure you have everything you need – water, food, tissues (wet & dry) and a Swiss knife. There are many lists you can google for what to bring for camping.

And remember, have fun! Try not to get upset when things don’t happen the way you wanted it to.

See you in my next post! Spoiler alert: it may have something to do with the collection of our keys!

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