12 May 2017, by Siau Jiahui

Eating Adventures with Little T

Mr T and I love eating. Every weekend, we would take our time to savour delectable delights while chatting about almost everything under the sun. In fact, we decide our holiday destinations largely based on the local cuisine and I even created a hashtag #mrmrstkeepeating on Instagram!

However, after Little T was born, there was no more dinner in fancy or even casual restaurants. Our weekend comprised mainly of dabao meals from a nearby kopitiam, just the way we had expected. Boring? Definitely! -_-

3 months…I thought wrong!

By the time Little T was almost three months, Mr T and I had finally gathered enough confidence to bring her out on our own, without our helper. I was craving for restaurant food because I hadn’t had that for months! When we finally reached one of our favourite Chinese restaurants after a round of window-shopping, we were tired and hungry while Little T was still sleeping soundly in the soft-structured carrier that I was using.

Being (slightly) experienced in having meals while the baby was asleep in the carrier, I didn’t think that eating with a baby in front of me would be too tough. Furthermore, I timed our dinner to coincide with her feeding time so that when one of us had to feed her, the other would still get to eat. But oh man, I was so wrong!

Firstly, I ordered the wrong type of food! Fried Beehoon had short strands that dropped randomly and Chinese Spinach with 3 Assorted Eggs (苋菜三色蛋) simply had too much sauce! I was clumsily trying to scoop the food into my mouth while trying not to drop the beehoon or drip the sauce on her head or on the carrier.

Secondly, Little T was rather sensitive during that period and would cry loudly for no apparent reason. And indeed, once she has woken up from her nap, she pouted and wailed. I quickly fed her milk but after a while, she wailed again!

And our solution this time round? Mr T, after eating his share of dinner, brought Little T out of the restaurant to avoid disturbing the other customers, while I stayed to finish the cold dishes. -_-

No more food savoring or engaging conversations which we were used to before having a baby! 原来能吃饱就已经很好了!

5 months…At last! Warm food!

Luckily, things did indeed get better when she was older. And of course, we were more experienced by then. By the time she was five months, she was highly interested in the surroundings, no matter where we were. Every time the three of us settled down at a table, we would place our order and while waiting for our food, I would feed her milk. Once she had finished her milk, Mr T would place her on his laps and play with her while I consumed my meal. And I finally got to eat warm food! Sometimes too warm for my own good though, because I usually had to gobble down everything on my plate within five minutes so that I can take over from Mr T! (Yes, he was finally the one who had to eat cold food!)

7 months…High chair…CHECK!

So when she could finally sit on her own high chair at home at the age of seven months, Mr T and I couldn’t wait to bring her out to a restaurant and try out a whole new dining experience!

Off to the shopping mall we went! While most customers choose restaurants based on what they want to eat, we chose ours based on high chairs! No kidding, Mr T and I strolled around the mall before dinner time and shortlisted two with the cleanest and steadiest-looking high chairs!

Little T was absolutely thrilled to have her own chair to sit in while papa and mama were (still, of course) taking turns to eat! Subsequently, each restaurant visit became her highlight of the day. She was so busy checking out the menu, touching the tablecloth and playing with the kids’ utensils that she was grinning from ear to ear every single time! When the baby is happy, papa and mama are happy too (no matter what we eat)!


And since she had started on porridge recently, we were ready to feed her that instead of milk during our recent outing. And though she was highly enthralled by everything around her, she still managed to finish her favourite pumpkin porridge in an unfamiliar place!


Though my own 皮蛋瘦肉粥had become watery by the time she finished her porridge, I was screaming with excitement on the inside!

Achievement unlocked! For her and for me! To many more restaurant meals to come! Woohoo! =)


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