11 May 2017, by Gerald Koh

Life’s Home Work

The word HOMEWORK is a much dreaded word growing up. Haha!

It was… and to a certain extent it still is now! I mean, who would ever want to take home unfinished office work? I’ve got friends who are teachers who can definitely attest to that. It is the worst feeling ever.

Although I’m not a teacher, I do have homework too! Besides going on air as a radio presenter, I’ve taken on another role as a programming director of 987. And boy,there’s homework… never ending in fact! I’m fortunate it is something I love. Radio.

But there is also another kind of homework that most of us cannot escape after getting your own house with your husband/wife. The kind of homework which hits you and tells you that you’ve finally grown up and living away from your parents LOL!

I’m an only child, and was heavily pampered by my family. Ok, this is rather embarrassing and would be heavily judged by people who don’t know me, but I don’t think I’ve ever washed a single plate in my life…EVER! My mum would always think that if I were to wash it, it won’t be clean hahaha!

When Zhixin and I first got our house, we were swamped by this homework. It was so stressful that we literally didn’t know where to start!

Do we settle the room or the kitchen first?

Or should we wait for the furniture to come in before we do a wipe?

Yes this is the homework that you’re gonna have throughout your life as husband and wife. (That rhymed! haha)

I mean besides the excess unfinished office work that you might be bringing back, you are also committed to helping out your partner with housework at home. I’ve been crazily fortunate to have my wife stand in for the past few weeks when work just got a lot tougher.

By the time I’m back home, I’m thoroughly exhausted. But Zhixin’s so sweet and does nearly everything during this busy time for me 🙂 I. Really. Feel. Bad. and Guilty… She cooks, cleans, washes, EVERYTHING!

Once again, I’m not an expert at this, but this is just a suggestion because it works pretty well with my wife and I for the last 6 months since we moved into our new home.


Ok, it is not as serious as it sounds, but a tip for pair work when it comes to housework would be to agree on what each of you would be overall in charge of. For example, the overall maintenance of the kitchen and bedroom would be under Zhixin’s care, and if she needs any help, she could always get me. For me it’s the living room and the toilets. (But…Zhixin has been more helpful with the toilets than I am!)

Switching around


Another way to avoid unhappiness when it comes to housework would be taking turns doing different things. Although we have the overall IC for certain parts of the house, we could still take turns stepping up when the other person is busy with other things. For example, if she is busy with the bedrooms tonight, changing of covers etc, then I would step up with the cooking.



I grew up not knowing how to actually wash dishes. It’s. Bad. I. Know. But Zhixin has taught me how! Hahaha! But hey, so it’s true guys don’t know everything and same goes for the girls. But that is in no way embarrassing to discuss. Not every girl (or guy) knows about a special cable called HDMI right? Yes, we help each other out.


As simple as it may sound, there are many things where teamwork can come into play. We do this almost every night. When washing the greasy dishes, Zhixin soaps while I rinse. It’s pretty fun when you do it together. It also halves the time taken to wash the dishes! We do this when changing the sheets too!

I’ve heard of families where parents quarrel over the simplest of things like housework, or even the choice of food to cook. I think it’s all about respect for each other. Take baby steps, and that’s where my wife and I are trying to build at this very foundation. If this is going to be difficult, then what will happen when the kids come along?

I am really working very hard to learn how to wash the toilet bowl now. Procrastination is my worst enemy.

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