27 April 2017, by E-van and Terry

How to Win Both Sides

Now that I’m a Westie (Jurong West), how often do I get to see my own Nelly family? (Sengkang – NEL Line)

Meet my family, The Yeungs.

Meet my family, The Yeungs.

It’s a lot harder for me to see my family every other day now because of the time spent traveling to and fro each side of Singapore. We are talking about almost two hours of public transport! So how do I do it?

It was definitely tough during the first few months… in fact I got the glaring hint from my mother that I needed to visit home more often. She would ask “How come never come home?”. Sometimes, straightforwardness is the key to someone’s heart. It was then I realised that I haven’t seen my family for three weeks!

But it’s okay, because when they finally saw me, I know they missed me. Hehe! What can I say? Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Since then, I make the effort to meet my parents and/or siblings on my days off for a casual lunch or dinner.

It has always been tradition to go back every Sunday because it is meant to be spent with family. My dad takes it very seriously when he knows the married daughters, their hubbies and his beloved grandson are coming for dinner.


We take our food very seriously too. And dad’s a fantastic cook!

It’s always a great time when the full squad is present. Although, maybe for a  short while, the baby of the family can’t be with us for our gatherings. Our youngest brother just went to NS a week ago… it only goes to show how time flies!


This is how separation anxiety look like.

I also meet my siblings to chill and catch up, it could be for a cafe outing or to play sports. (Psst…Badminton is an extremely fun sport if you don’t keep losing.) My younger sister studies in NTU so we try to meet up in the west when we can!


Not to mention, I got to try NTU’s yummy ginseng chicken soup and pretended to be a university student!

It helps that I have a large-sized family. There are now a total of ten of us, including Terry, my brother-in-law and my little nephew. So can you imagine the amount of birthday celebrations we have in a year? It feels like there’s one every other month! Haha!


Back in Jurong West, besides going home to and having home cooked food with my in-laws most of the time, we make it a point to go out for dinner whenever possible and have a walk around malls like Jurong Point.


We’ve also recently started a new interest in rearing guppies! Ever since Terry got himself a small school of guppies, it has piqued his dad’s interest too. So now we have two little aquariums where we look at altogether. Hey! It’s not weird, it’s actually very therapeutic to see your fish interacting with the water plants and the underwater landscape. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

All in all, it’s always good to have balance within both families. To let them know they’ve not been forgotten and chucked aside or worse, too busy to make time for! If they mean something to you, you’ll definitely make time for them. Asian parents being Asian won’t say it but you know they will appreciate it! I know mine did!

Keys are coming soon for our new flat. Hopefully within the next two weeks… Eeeeeks so exciting! Stay tuned and watch this space!

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