21 April 2017, by Rachelyn Gordon

Turning 28

N and I have been doing more staycations in replacement of annual holidays the last two years.  Not only are they more affordable, they also work well with both our schedules. As per when going on holiday, we make a concerted effort to ensure that everything which needs to be done at work (and at school for me) is completed so that we don’t have to look at our phones and laptops during a staycation. In fact, I think that we actually work harder in the weeks leading up to a staycation!

We decided to do a staycation for my 28th birthday in April. It was a staycation we had planned for since our last “break” at Tanjong Beach Club and were thus anticipating it with excitement as the date came closer.

We were going to stay at the wonderful Fairmont (I cannot sing enough praises about the Fairmont) and go dancing! Then came along Murphy and his dreaded law of “Everything that can go wrong…will go wrong”. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

I started the week of 3rd April (our staycation was booked for 8th to 10th April) well enough by keeping both work and school commitments on track until…I fell ill. The flu bug that hit me was among the worst I have had in a while. It took two doctor visits, an entire week of taking antibiotics and nothing but porridge for me to kick it. And it certainly didn’t help that I had a major assignment due the same week.

Juggling work and an assignment with a heavy head and a stomach that seemed to be strapped on a roller coaster ride I could not get off was dreadful. I felt like I was not going to get better in time and the paranoia of having to stay in bed all day at the staycation drove me to text N and ask if we could change dates.

His reply?


Ok, I conceded. Thankfully, I started feeling better towards the end of the week. We checked in the afternoon of 8th April, I took the last dose of my antibiotics, started feeling the unwelcomed sensation of my stomach doing back flips and somersaults consecutively and decided a nap was in order.

Fun fact: N used to be quite annoyed with having to wait for me to wake up from my naps during the first few months we dated! He has, however, under my influence, seen the light and now acknowledges the necessity of naps. Haha!

I woke up just in time for an early dinner and for the first time in the week, felt excited to eat!

Then, I realised that I was wearing only one diamond earring. What ensued next was a manhunt for the missing earring amidst my cursing. I have no idea how the other earring came off! In fact, this was the first time it had come off! Fortunately, N eventually found the earring on the bathroom floor and calmed me down.

Unfortunately though, Murphy was still not done with us. Upon calling to check on our reservation, N discovered that the restaurant had…misplaced our reservation and we now had no table.


At this point, I was sitting at the edge of our hotel bed wondering if it was a sign to stay in and order room service. Lucky for me that I am dating Captain Positive. N forced me to go shower and get ready while he tried to find another place. 40 minutes later, I was dressed and he had succeeded!

The restaurant we ended up at was wonderful and cheered me up quite a bit. We followed dinner with a few cocktails overlooking the Marina Bay skyline and contemplated if dancing was still going to be on the cards.


N: “How is your stomach feeling?”

Me: “Surprisingly, okay. The food seems to be staying down!”

N: “So dancing?”

M: “I don’t know! What if I feel sick halfway?”

N: “If you do then we will head back to the hotel for you to rest. But I think we should take the risk. It is your birthday and maybe your body needs some fun to heal!”

Post dinner and pre dancing

I did not need much convincing after that. We went dancing and lo and behold – I danced till 3am. Maybe…N was right? My body did in fact needed some FUN to heal!

Whatever the case, I ended my birthday staycation feeling grateful and happy. Turning 28 was a good reminder of two life lessons:

1) Everything good AND bad will pass and

2) Things can go wrong despite a perfect plan and its best to just pick up the pieces and figure out plan B.

Turning 28


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