4 April 2017, by Mandy Loh

Survival tips for the worst of times!

Omigosh…I’ve survived perhaps the most challenging week I’ve ever had as a momma! As they say, when it rains, it pours. In my case, it was one kiddo falling ill, and the other one promptly joining in for the ride!

Mind you, this was not the normal, run-of-the-mill sort of fever. This was some pretty strong, nasty stuff. Cristan’s fever was spiking at 40ºC, and neither paracetamol nor ibuprofen seemed to help. He was listless, lethargic and whiny, and refused to eat. Eventually, we had to bring him to the doctor to insert a suppository, which finally worked. (But poor fella…he did not like it, not one little bit.)

And the very next day, Caris fell ill with the exact same symptoms. Great…

Making a bad situation worse was the fact that hubby was going overseas for a TWO-WEEK work trip. To Barcelona, my favourite city in all of Europe. Rub in the salt, why don’t ya…

So picture this: Its Thursday night, both munchkins are huddled in bed with raging fevers and hubby sails out the door for the airport. I say goodbye grudgingly (no fair…why does he get to have tapas and sangria, while I’m stuck here with the ill and cranky kiddos?) and then utter a desperate prayer: “God, I need a miracle!!!”

The “miracle” came in the form of loving family support. I was initially not intending to bother my parents, as I didn’t want to spread the terrible flu bug to them. But the very next day, the water supply at my place cut off abruptly! Turns out there was some problem with the water pipes at our apartment building. And I was in the middle of washing my hair (yes, absolutely perfect timing) when the water ran out. That was the final straw…I called my parents, packed our bags, and huddled everyone into the car for a staycation at the grandparents’!

A calm moment in between the craziness of a feverish weekend

A moment of calm amidst the craziness (I had to snap this picture because it was a rare moment that weekend!)

On hindsight, it was a very good idea to seek refuge at my parents’ place over the weekend while both kids were down, because this flu bug was really the worst I had ever seen! “Highlights” include:

  1. Cristan puking on the bed (and on me) in the middle of the night because of terrible coughing fits.
  2. Having to prop Cristan up in my arms every night until he fell asleep, because he would cough non-stop once he lay down flat on the bed
  3. Caris having recurring nosebleeds for about 2 days
  4. Having to deal with cranky and whiny kids
  5. Having to cancel an entire weekend of activities – and there were so many fun events going on because it was the March school holiday weekend…

So here’s Tip #1Don’t be afraid to get help from relatives/ neighbours/ friends when you really need it! You don’t have to be a superwoman and try to handle it all on your own. Sometimes, its just wiser to let the village help! (ps. Thanks a million, mummy and daddy!!!)

After the weekend, I thought the kids were finally ok and could go back to school. Strangely, after a day of school, Caris’ fever spiked again on Tuesday evening/ Wednesday morning! Cristan was also very cranky and seemed tired. So I decided to keep them at home again to rest some more.

Which leads us to Tip #2: Trust your momma gut!

When you know deep inside that something is still not right, even if the thermometer shows that the fever is gone and everything seems ok, listen to your instincts! It turned out to be an excellent decision to let them rest at home, as their poor little bodies were so exhausted from battling the terrible flu.

Tip #3: Keep calm and carry on 

Not the easiest thing to do when you get puked on by your son at 4am in the middle of the night. It took Herculean effort to remain calm and upbeat while cleaning up the mess, but I’m sure the little fella felt poorly already, and having an upset momma would certainly not help.

It was also not easy dealing with the whining and whingeing from both kids without feeling a little worn out, but I knew the munchkins just needed some extra TLC from momma. So I took it easy, and made sure the kids had plenty of cuddles whenever the fever surged. It helped that staying at my parents’ place meant that our meals were taken care of. It would have been a nightmare attempting to cook or do anything at all when the kids were so fussy.

Well, I’m just glad that its all over and the kids are finally healthy and well again. Crossing my fingers that they’ll stay healthy for a good, long while! In the meantime, I can’t wait for the hubs to be back so I can go for a nice, well-deserved massage!


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