28 March 2017, by E-van and Terry

The Wife’s Role

It’s been 5-months since we said our “I Dos”, and I believe it is important to remind myself (I am on track!) my roles as a beautiful (ahem ahem) and of course…a loving wife, so, my role in my marriage is…

To help him

I’ve had the privilege of growing up with a domestic helper since I was a little girl. After I got married and moved in with my husband and his parents, I knew I needed to step up my game and help out with the household chores. Truth be told, I haven’t been much of a help. I cook once in a while but when it comes to the laundry and cleaning, Terry does most of them.

Writing up this post makes me realise how little I do to help and how insignificant are the chores that I do. (Although…to me it’s pretty impressive already!) In the real “chores world”, I am but a useless speck of dust… collecting more dust. Yesterday I saw Terry doing the laundry on his own and I decided to help him out. It was way faster to get it done together and we’re both equally happy with the job well done. It also helped him to not feel like he was the only one doing the work. Which in turn makes him a happier husband… haha! So my plan now is to do more “significant” chores or rather, just do more.

To support him

There are changes happening and Terry found himself a full-time job elsewhere.


We celebrated by having a little feast after the first day at his new job! We are ecstatic that he landed a full-time job in a place he love and will stay in, for hopefully a long period of time. He’s going to be a… Paper Maker!

To work as a team

By the end of March 2017, our BTO flat in Sengkang will be ready to be renovated. It is both unsettling and exciting that the day is finally nearing where we can start planning how we want our home to be, with both of us busy with pinning new things on our Pinterest boards! This is real adulthood dawning upon us! We can’t wait to draw up a plan for the flat, furniture shopping and whatnot. The exciting part is, Terry and I share the same tastes and have no strong opinions against each other’s ideas. That’s always a good sign! We work well as a team! The unsettling part is of course, the renovation and hidden charges that might surprise us. Thank goodness I have an architect and contractor as a father so I will be forewarned and/or protected from any surprises that may come our way.

As the husband, I think it’s easy for them to start stressing out about providing for the family in the future. And as a wife, I can show my utmost support in the decisions he makes and constantly encouraging him that he’s doing things right.

We are getting there… this is the start of new beginnings. New into our marriage, one of the first things we did together was to get a savings plan with a bank and I think it’s one of the wisest decision we’ve ever made (besides choosing to spend the rest of our lives together of course!). Though I’m no financial expert, I would most certainly encourage anyone, not just couples, but also individuals, to get a savings plan early before it gets more expensive! Get it while it’s still cheaper!

We’ve received the letter from HDB that our keys will be ready for collection (very) soon and have to make a final cash payment when we collect the keys. Well, it seems like in the next post, we will be featuring a picture of the keys to our flat! That is indeed exciting.

And finally, the most important role is…To LOVE him!

What is your role in marriage?

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