24 March 2017, by Gerald Koh

Life gets boring after marriage…NOT!

I am not a marriage expert, and I do not have a vast experience on married life, but I’ve kind of enjoyed a different kind of dating after we got married. And nope… not with other partners of course! Haha!

You know, I’m not too sure if it’s a bro thing to not openly show how they enjoy planning for dates, or it’s just not a manly thing to do because it’s pretty much against the beer with soccer regiment. I’m always hearing my guy friends tell me… well not all… but maybe a couple of them, “life gets boring after you get married. It’s only normal”.



In fact, I’m enjoying our couple time A LOT more after marriage 😀 The lazy weekends, not having to rush through our days, and especially the perpetual “staycations” LOL! We used to look forward to a weekend staycation (which costs a lot of money) where we can unwind from the daily grind, but not anymore.

So… dates after marriage. Does it work? Definitely!

Zhixin and I are kind of having a bit of a friendly unspoken competition trying to outplan a better weekend date for each other! (:p I’m currently winning…and she is not too happy about that though I think she is secretly smiling at me being so silly)

Here are some POST MARRIAGE DATING IDEAS that we’ve executed during our friendly competition:


A cook off happens every weekend at home! We’ve got the kitchen, so why not use it? So here’s what we do… It’s pretty fun! One of us gets to be the chef, the other will be the supermarketer! On Saturday, the supermarketer will be at grocery shopping for the mystery food items… On Sunday, the chef cooks whatever is available in the fridge Omakase style!


(in a Japanese restaurant) a type of meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef.

Think that’s a pretty cool date idea for a weekend!



This date idea only works if you are VERY SURE your partner doesn’t have to work over the weekends… or you would have wasted a bit of money LOL!

Ahh! And this is where I’m winning in our competition. Cos she will never get to do this… as the nature of my job gets a bit unpredictable. Anyhoo, I’ve successfully planned surprise short getaways!

In fact, our recent Bangkok trip was completely unplanned! What I told her was… pack 3-days worth of clothes cos I’ve booked a weekend getaway 🙂

Our unplanned Bangkok trip

Our unplanned Bangkok trip

Though it wasn’t very funny when I planned our Anniversary TrIP and couldn’t tell her that we were going to Japan, and it was about 9-degrees in Tokyo… fortunately they’ve got UNIQLO there… oops!




Sometimes, a date with your loved one doesn’t have to be extravagant. Like how Nike would love you to JUST DO IT, grab your running gear and go for one around your estate! According to the American Council of Exercising (something i got off online), couples who participate in workouts together can get fit together. Research shows pairing up (particularly with a partner who challenges you) makes you push yourself harder and releases Endorphins which help relieve pain and induce feelings of pleasure or euphoria. Time to shop for something comfortable! 😉


4.  Netflix and CHILL

Contrary to the negative connotation the above phrase brings, it’s really a great date night idea to consider! Something that Zhixin and I really enjoy since we moved in to our house is the 65″ TV we purchased. Personally it’s the best investment to date because we spend nearly 80% of our time in front of the TV hahaha… And with the VAST array of genres of over 100,000 shows you can watch, it’s the simplest date idea! Coupled with fruits and/or chips… It’s pretty fun!

Is there really an afterlife in terms of dates after you tie the knot? I’d like to say yes if you put some thought into it. I mean, if you’ve made up your mind to spend your whole life with this girl, it’s pretty much worth it!

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