22 March 2017, by Rachelyn Gordon

1-Day Holiday

My break from university is officially over. I have returned to my usual work plus school hustle and attempts to not throw a pity party for myself. It is going to be a busy couple of weeks for me. So, I spent the better part of my Sunday thinking about what I truly enjoyed doing this break and came up with the following list:

  • Having clear skin and no eye bags (adequate sleep is underrated)
  • Exercising (What!? Worry not burgers, you still hold a big place in my heart)
  • Having tea/milo with my mother at 4pm (I will never be too old to drink milo) and…
  • The 1-day holiday I took with N

Yes, you read that right. We had initially wanted to take advantage of my break and go on a holiday but all the days that worked for N fell on my work days. And 2017 is not a year for me to spend money and not make it back, so long story short – we decided to take a holiday right here in Singapore. I anticipated changing my mind about spending my entire break in Singapore but I ended up being excited about our decision instead.

On the last leg of my internship with a preschool in the Sentosa area, I had participated in the school’s annual Sports Day. It was held on Tanjong Beach and everyone (except the teachers of course) headed off to Tanjong Beach Club (TBC) for food and drinks and wind in their face after the event was over. I remember packing up cones and telling my friend, “I am gonna come back here during our break, lie on those day beds and have wind in my face too!” She grunted her approval. So, my excitement stemmed from already having the place of our 1-day holiday decided upon.

Our 1-day holiday began at 11am when we arrived at TBC and finding it exactly how I like places to be – decently empty.


We started off with lunch washed down with white wine below the shade of palm trees and decided not to move from our spot under the pretext of allowing our food to digest.


Then I played my favourite game of “Would you rather” with N. This is where I give N vile, disturbing people or scenarios to choose from. An example would be this…

Would you rather be eating something, look down and find out that there is half a roach left or be sleeping and have a lizard fall into your mouth?

A few hours in and I started feeling sleepy. We moved ourselves to the day beds and without wasting any time, I fell asleep. The first time, without warning and the second time while waiting for our platter of calamari. Don’t worry – I woke up intermittently…from N prodding my thigh to eat a few calamari, sip on TBC’s signature cocktail Rum my Lemons and snuggle back to sleep again.


I am not usually big on afternoon naps because they affect my sleep quality at night but oh my, it would have been a crime to not have napped that day. The weather was perfect* – the sun was out, but well hidden by voluminous clouds, humidity was non-existent (I kid you not) and there was the gentlest breeze blowing. I was so relaxed and truly felt like I was in Bali or some other beach postcard worthy destination.

Of course, I was jolted right back to the harsh reality of where I was when we got the bill 8 hours later…but I suppose the money spent was well worth the experience!

We left TBC with N telling me that he really loved the relaxed version of me and I did too. Being a considerate partner however, I told him to not get too used to it for school will start right back up before we know it…and I hate to be right (sometimes) but here we go, trimester 2 of 2017 starts in…3…2…

*We were lucky to have had good weather. If you are planning to do something similar, do prepare for the rain – especially now with Singapore’s unpredictable weather. You can always throw in a big blanket to keep you warm and take shelter under TBC’s sheltered areas! 

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