2 March 2017, by Mandy Loh

Where has my baby gone?

I can’t believe Caris is already three years old!!! Where has my baby gone?

My darling princess is three!

My darling princess is three!

It has become a bit of a family tradition for me to organise a series of mini-celebrations, rather than one big birthday party. I think its kinda nice that the celebrations are spread out, and Caris gets to feel special for almost the entire birthday month!

First, we held a small birthday party at the preschool with her classmates, with lovely cupcakes by Angel Cupcakes. Both Cristan and Caris happily chomped down two cupcakes each! (Good thing I had catered a few extras!)

Beautifully personalised cupcakes for a special birthday gal!

Beautifully personalised cupcakes for a special birthday gal!

The next day, the entire family (in-laws included!) set off for JB, Malaysia, to explore Hello Kitty Town, because Hello Kitty is one of Caris’ favourite things!


She looks a bit dazed here, probably a little sleepy from the drive! But I love this picture of HUGE Hello Kitty and tiny Caris!

Cool fact: When Cristan turned three, we brought him to Thomas Town, located within the very same building! Isn’t it so awesome that we celebrated both their 3rd birthdays “same same, but different”? ;P

Cristan celebrating his 3rd birthday in 2014

Cristan celebrating his 3rd birthday, back in 2014

Hello Kitty Town was much smaller than we expected, but surprisingly, there were a good number of activities keeping us entertained for quite a few hours! We made pop-up cards, dressed up as Sanrio characters, decorated Hello Kitty cookies, and even designed our own Hello Kitty button badges as take-home souvenirs!

Dressed up as My Melody!

All dressed up as My Melody and Mini Melody, haha!

Interspersed between the activities were stage performances and Meet & Greet sessions to take photos with various Sanrio characters.

Turns out Caris really likes My Melody!

Turns out Caris really likes My Melody!

My Little Twin Stars was my childhood favourite!

…and Little Twin Stars, which were also my childhood favourites!

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day, and we ended it off with a nice dinner in town. Best part about a day out in Malaysia? Much more bang for your buck, with the exchange rate in our favour!

The next weekend, Caris had two birthday lunches: with my side of the family on Saturday, and with the godparents on Sunday. We also managed to pack in another major highlight: getting to meet Elsa from Frozen, another favourite of hers (and possibly of every little girl in the world) at Rise & Shine 2017!

The highlight of the weekend - meeting "Elsa" in person!

The highlight of the weekend – meeting Elsa in person!

Most significantly, as a special birthday gift, Tim and I decided to let her start ballet lessons right after her birthday! She has always shown a keen interest in music and dance, and had been asking us for ballet lessons for a while now.

Super stoked to go for her first ballet class!

Super stoked to go for her first ballet class!

As I watched her from the doorway of the dance studio, my heart filled with pride mixed with a curious sense of wonder. Isn’t this the itty bitty baby I was holding in my arms just the other day?

Wasn't this, like...last week???

Wasn’t this, like…last week???

How did the years fly by? More importantly, why do I still feel like time has slipped away when I’ve been right beside her every step of the way?

Even as a stay-home mum, I can sometimes become so preoccupied with chores and tasks, that I forget the whole reason for staying home is to be present for my children!

Thankfully, with every birthday and milestone celebrated, I am reminded once again that childhood is such a precious, yet fleeting season of life.

Fellow mummies, let’s always remember to make the most of our children’s childhood, and enjoy the time with them as much as we can! 🙂




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