7 February 2017, by Rachelyn Gordon

The Grinches of V Day

I have often wondered if I’m the only one who finds it unromantic to profess my love to my partner with the gusto of a 5-year declaring her love for sugar coated donuts… exclusively on Valentine’s Day.

Then, I met N. Haha!

Hang on. Before you start defending the  hallmark holiday of love (egad!), I will admit that I too was once young and went through the emotional rite of passage of hankering after a Valentine. However, after a few years of celebrating Valentine’s Day…one of which I received a bear with my name spelt wrongly and another of which I was grounded for missing curfew, I suppose I finally caught on to the… insignificance of February 14.

N and I both belong to the camp that firmly believes in saving the grand gestures for occasions that really mean something for our relationship. And that to us means actual relationship milestone markers. So to us the Grinches of V Day :), February 14 is really just another day that is only a big win for consumerism.

That said, N and I do still have a lot of loved ones who are zealous about celebrating Valentine’s Day and we have always admired their tenacity of braving the crowds and the courage of their…wallets. And if you are one of them, I say KUDOS to you! Go do your thing!

But!!! Just in case, you, like N and I, are adamant in avoiding the festivities, here are some….alternative Valentine’s Day plans.

Watch a funny movie!

Comedies are a sure-fire way to cosy up to your partner and relax. So, grab microwavable popcorn from your supermarket, put your feet up and look forward to spending an evening in stitches with your partner in the comfort of your own home.

Here are two of my recommendations:

1) The Intouchables

This is a French movie (10 points for romance right there! 😉 ) and is a brilliant, heart warming story of the friendship that forms between a rich widower and a fly-by-night youth. Omar Sy, who is among my favourite actors did such a fantastic job in this film. Have you heard his laughter? Go google it now! Its infectious and is guaranteed to break you into a smile! This film will have you crying from laughing so hard 30 minutes in.

Here is the official trailer:

2) Florence Foster Jenkins

Based on a real life story, Florence Foster Jenkins (played by the wonderful Meryl Streep) is about a wealthy New York heiress who believes she can sing the opera when really… she sounds worse than a yodelling cat.

What makes this story remarkable though are the lengths that her husband, St Clair Bayfield (played by the very fine Hugh Grant) goes to, to hide the truth of her horrid singing abilities from her. I have seen Hollywood love take many different forms on screen but nothing has warmed my heart quite like the love between Florence Foster Jenkins and St Clair Bayfield.

Here is the official trailer:

Look back at your couple photographs

Photographs are time capsules. They capture a laugh, a mischievous glint in the eye, a hesitant smile and lock in the memory of that moment for a lifetime.

So, if movies aren’t quite your thing, how about spending the day looking back at all your couple photographs? N and I did this last year and the simple activity of scrolling down on our Instagram feeds got us lost in a spiral of conversations of the circumstances under which we met, our first dates, how we both felt so differently after that first date (story for another time :)), our courtship period and the early days in our relationship.

It was romantic nostalgia looking back on the early kindling of our relationship and a much appreciated opportunity to…just be still and grateful for all that N and I have overcome together till date.

Here are some of our early couple photographs that we hold very dearly to our hearts.

So, there you have it – two alternative Valentine’s Day activities. Let me know what you are up to this Valentine’s Day – alternative plans or not. 🙂

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