6 February 2017, by E-van and Terry

Four Months Later…

What about four months later? It’s our first CNY together!

“So how’s married life?” A common question people have been asking us since after our wedding. Here’s our answer:


Married life with my favourite person in the world is great! Nothing beats seeing Terry when I end the day and when I first start my day.

Also, our BTO flat will be ready very soon, hopefully by mid 2017 if all goes well and I am looking forward to it!

We are adjusting!

Since the wedding, I’ve been staying with my in-laws and it’s really something new to adjust to. A different lifestyle, a different upbringing and a whole new different household.

Don’t get me wrong, my in-laws are great and they treat me like their own daughter. But at the end of the day, it is still someone else’s home. There are chores to be done, where cleaning and tidying up is something I don’t usually do when I was living in my parent’s home.

Adapting well!

Day by day, I am slowly getting a hang of how things are run in my new temporary home and am adapting well. Location wise, it’s…

“A whole new world…a new fantastic point of view…no one to tell us no, or where to go…” 

Ok, I still need to go to work, having used to live in Sengkang, where traveling time to work is 1 hr 15 mins (to be safe). Now that I live in Jurong West, it takes an additional 30 mins of travelling time. But, I am thankful and happy that Terry works in the same place as me. That way, we get to go home together everyday and have each other for company for the long ride home. At the same time, I’m also finding new things / spots to explore in the Jurong area as well!

Adventures ahead!


We visited Jurong Bird Park a few days ago and we’re excited to be going other places too, such as the Science Centre, bread and Yakult factories… There are lots more out there to do in a new unfamiliar ground and it is somewhat exciting to venture into it. Things like that gets me motivated because I love exploring and uncover new adventures with my husband!


Caught him talking to another beautiful girl!

What about Chinese New Year?

This is our first Chinese New Year as a newlywed. It is said that during the honeymoon year, newlywed couples are exempted from giving out red packets for Chinese New Year…*WOOHOO* Otherwise, some form of “concession” will be given to newlyweds on the amount put in red packets.

But we decided together, that since this is our first Chinese New Year, we will be giving red packets to our parents and our own families.

But how much should we give?

We were unsure of how much we needed to “bao” for our respective family members, and decided together that parents would definitely get a bigger amount, out of respect and filial piety. Giving out red packets is a form of gesture and should not be confused with a transaction. We gave our parents a sum we’re both comfortable with and will not cause us any financial stress. The younger siblings and nieces/nephews will also receive their first red packet from us as well as a form of blessing. Click here for a handy guide to hongbao etiquette!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and may this year bring you joy, growth and prosperity! We are going to Hokkaido for a very cold holiday… Stay tuned for the next post!

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