31 January 2017, by Gerald Koh

Anniversary TrIP!

So some people might be able to relate to this…

“The honeymoon period is usually a few months after the marriage”

Well… not to me! It has been more than a year since we got married and it still feels like honeymoon to me! Ok… lets not jinx it, but it’s been so much more fun after marriage! 😉 Maybe we’re still like kids trying to grow up, but on a serious note, since getting our own home, it has been pretty much fun so far! Cooking, watching movies on our 65″, packing and clearing up the house together…


Before we got our own home, it was a bit of a hassle when it comes to travelling together. To some, it is considered a small issue, but I stayed in Bishan while she stayed in Jurong, so getting to the airport was a bit of a chore. And, we used to always end up bringing two luggage bags each instead of maximising the use of each luggage so that we would bring less. So it was like 4 pieces of luggage dragged around London or Japan, 2 for her and 2 for me. BUT after moving into our new home, it was a lot easier packing for a holiday 😉

I wanted our 1st wedding anniversary trip to be a special one. It has to be a place where both of us really love, topped with little surprises along the way to make it perfect!

Disclaimer : I’m really not rich. I am just fortunate to have signed up for a miles credit card in time.

When we had our wedding a year ago, we accumulated quite a bit on the credit card for the wedding banquet and other expenses. Hence, I had quite a bit of miles to put us both on First Class to Tokyo! Yup… it was the first surprise I planned without telling her ;p She only got to know about the surprise when we were whisked away by the Singapore Airlines staff to a private first class check in counter! hahaha… She actually thought we did something wrong and had to be escorted to the “back room”!

Gerald’s First Class TrIP: Reward Points
For those of you who are planning to get married, why not make use of points in your credit card? The wedding banquet could probably chalk up a good number of reward points according to the type of credit card you sign up for. Also, you could pay the credit card bill using the cash you received from the angbaos. And for guys, if you buy THE RING, you could accumulate some points too. For me, I LOVE TRAVELLING. So I took up a miles card 🙂


The 2nd surprise was when we were presented with our anniversary cake! haha! Too cute!

Gerald’s first-class TrIP: Extra service 😉
The service at Singapore Airlines is pretty awesome. I found out that if you have any special celebrations, all you need to do is to include it in the remarks section when you book your tickets. You can also call them to say that you would like to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary on your inbound or outbound flight.

It is advisable to check with the airlines that you are flying with if they are able to do this to avoid any disappointment.


We had to snap one to remember this LOL!

Gerald’s first-class TrIP: Be earlier than on time
Japan has always been a place we use to compare with other cities in the world. And it is somewhat a ‘spoil’ market. Food is good, cleanliness is immaculate, service is near perfect, and the people are always smiling! And don’t get me started on how amazing the transport system is! They leave strictly on the dot… So if you don’t want to be missing your train or the bus, yes I really wonder how they even time their bus arrivals, but really, be at your stop at least 5-mins earlier cos they really do leave 5-mins on the dot later! haha!

I guess one of the reasons why we love Japan so much is also because you get to enjoy both the scenic mountains and the city life mashed into one! And we made sure we enjoyed both on this trip 😉


Took a 1-hour bus ride down to a squirrel garden to… yup legally feed squirrels!


This was the view we had from our hotel room overlooking the Tokyo tower 🙂

But one of the many reasons why we decided to head to Japan on this trip was because of something really special. If you are a married couple and had made plans to visit or have visited Hakone, I think you would kind of know what I’m referring to! 😉

Hakone is a beautiful prefecture in Japan made up of hundreds of bath houses with natural spring water from the mountains. From some of the Ryokans in Hakone, you could even have a perfect view of Mount Fuji during good weather days. We’ve been there twice before, but it was for a different reason. Back then we wanted to enjoy the scenery. This time, we were here for a tree… haha!

Gerald’s first-class TrIP: Pick a good season
Mount Fuji is generally covered with clouds during summer, so to me, the best time to visit the Hakone Shrine is when there is a higher possibility of seeing Mount Fuji during the end of Winter or the start of Spring.


Here is me trying to look cool in front of the Hakone Shrine overlooking Lake Ashi

Further up from here lies a sacred tree. The Hakone Tree most call it, also known as the Baby Wishing Tree.

It is believed that if a woman touches the tree, there is a high chance she will get pregnant. People come here with the wish to not only have a baby but also pray for a safe delivery. You need to wash your hand at Nine-Headed Dragon Chozuya (Water Basin) before touching the Tree.


And that is exactly what she did 😉


2017 is gonna be interesting. Till my next post. Take care!


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