18 January 2017, by Lim Peifen

Game on!

Before I begin this entry proper, I have a very important message for you.


Indeed, as a parent, the days are long but the years are short. Can’t believe we are into another new year.

To be a responsible mother, I know I need to take parenting seriously. However, in order to stay sane and inject a bit of fun in the uphill journey of parenthood, I sometimes think of it as a game. Every new challenge or adventure is a chance to gain experience points and level up.

The end of 2016 presented many opportunities to earn points in the parenthood game. We took Luke on his first cruise trip, which was also a work trip for me with my radio listeners. I had to juggle taking care of a curious and active toddler while preparing for my gigs, while the hubby had to take care of Luke when I was busy hosting. It was also a challenge to prepare Luke’s meals, as I was not allowed to bring any cooking equipment on board. At every lunch time, I would settle Luke down and let the hubby entertain him with toys or books, while I quickly looked around the buffet spread in search of suitable dishes and putting them together, such as plain porridge, steamed fish and vegetables, mashed potatoes, hard boiled eggs and whole fruits. I had to do this as quickly as possible, because a hungry Luke, like his mum, does not like to wait too long for his food.

Dinner time was much easier, as it was always in a restaurant with full service. The lovely lady who served us throughout the trip had Luke’s porridge ready every night, and even offered him ice cream.

I’m pretty sure Luke enjoyed the trip very much. Look at his sunny smile! Stage cleared with extra points earned. *Cue victory sound effect


After the cruise, we headed to Hong Kong for the countdown to 2017. It’s our second visit to Hong Kong in a year, but we were just as excited not only because it was our first new year’s countdown overseas, but also because we were going to watch the Heavenly King of Songs, Jacky Cheung, in his home ground at the iconic Hong Kong Coliseum. Did we bring Luke along to the concert? No. Our helper came along too, so Papa and Mummy were able to head out at night knowing Luke was in good hands. We also had some time to enjoy a meal on our own. Bonus stage!


We both look tired here, but the couple time was very much needed and welcomed.


A big part of Hong Kong’s appeal is food, but the price of food isn’t just about money. We waited for 45 minutes in the queue for this. I wouldn’t say the food is phenomenal, but enjoying afternoon tea with a clear view of the harbour was very nice. Luke got to run around the hotel lobby while a friend stayed in the queue for us, and Mummy had a good workout running around with him. Helped to work up an appetite for the meal!


All kinds of pretty and expensive food before him, but all he wanted was…bread.

One of the highlights for Luke on this trip was seeing this rabbit every single day, on our way out and on the way back to our hotel room. By the second day, he already started chanting “Wabbit Wabbit! Wabbit!” even before Rabbit was in sight. Once it appears in view, he would laugh happily and clap his hands. Rabbit is officially his favourite animal for now.


I also had quite a bit of fun styling Luke every day. The weather was cool, not cold, but I wasn’t going to give up the chance to dress him in all those cute cold wear I’d bought for him. Level up in Dressing A Baby.


After these two trips, I think we’ve gained quite a significant number of experience points in the Travel stage of the Parenthood game. Next challenge: The Move. Stay tuned…

For now, a little babycino!




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Paige Faith

February 8th, 2017 at 4:33 pm    

Great post, Luke looks so happy in the pictures!

Noticed that you have returned back to your svelte figure despite putting on 20kg during pregnancy. Could you write a post on how you lose the excess weight? 🙂

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