30 December 2016, by Joel Chng

My Hopes For 2017

A newborn, an infant, and now a toddler – I am amazed at how my son Ezra has grown and developed in 2016. Fatherhood is an incredible experience; I am blessed with quality father-and-son time every day, and I am thankful to have never once missed a milestone.

In the new year, I aspire to raise Ezra to be sociable and interact well with young and old alike.

Inquisitive by nature, Ezra is a friendly boy who enjoys meeting people and does not mind being carried by strangers. My family recently attended a wedding banquet where we did not know anyone other than the bride and groom. However, he went around greeting people with smiles, handshakes and high-fives.

This week, we visited the River Safari together with our friends and their daughter who is eight days older than Ezra. For three hours, the two kids enjoyed interacting with each other.

I feel that is important for my son to interact well with his peers, and I look forward to organising more play dates for Ezra in 2017.

In the new year, I hope to instill good eating habits in Ezra.

Ezra does not drink from milk bottles and only drinks water out of cups. Earlier this month, I was surprised that he could drink from a straw!

Food-wise, Ezra is adventurous and eats the same things as adults when we dine out. At his 12-month review, his weight was on the 55th percentile. The nurse’s recommendation was for Ezra to start on three meals daily (he was previously on a breastmilk diet, with one solid meal per day). Three months on, his weight is now on the 75th percentile. On a day-to-day basis, Ezra eats an egg, broccoli, cod fish, pumpkin, meatballs, baby corn, and yogurt.

I look forward to introduce Ezra to a wider variety of food, so that he will not grow up to be a picky eater.

In the new year, I want to introduce a variety of ways to capture Ezra’s interest.

Ezra is a very active boy who is easily distracted and has difficulty staying in his seat at mealtimes. As such, feeding him can sometimes get challenging – especially during the evenings. My wife Petrina and I have, on a few occasions, resorted to using mobile devices to keep him seated for the duration of his meal. However, the last thing I want is for my son to be dependent on mobile devices, so his screen time is limited to once a week or fortnightly.

Last month, we brought Ezra to the cinema for his first movie and he managed to stay awake for the most part. As it was a musical animation, the animal characters kept Ezra entertained and he bobbed along to the songs, smiling and laughing at times.

As Ezra grows older we can explore other methods to capture his attention, like introducing colouring books and sticker books.

In the new year, I desire for Ezra to learn how to communicate well.

Ezra is very chatty, although sometimes we cannot understand his babbling. He likes to point to bring our attention to something, or to communicate his needs. For example, whenever he is tired he will point to the bedroom and tilt his head (indicating that he wants to take a nap).

Ezra started walking before his birthday, and associates wearing shoes with going out. For example, when we say that we are going out, he will point to his box of shoes, stick out his foot (for us to put on his shoes), and point to the door.

In the new year, I am confident that Ezra will continue to grow and develop well. To do so, we will plan more outdoor activities and encourage physical exercise so that Ezra can explore and appreciate his surroundings.

I’m so looking forward to 2017. Here’s wishing all a great year ahead!

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