27 December 2016, by Gerald Koh

We are… MOVING IN!

ALAS!! The time has come! And as intimidating as it may seem, it needs to be done.

Yes. It is scary. Initially, I couldn’t wait for time to fly by, just so that we can kick-off our real married life as a couple and living on our own 🙂 But now that it is here, I’m starting to get more nervous than anxious. It has been a year since we exchanged rings and since then, I’ve been living at my in-law’s and having our parents help us with the simple things in life that we often take for granted…


  1. Readily washed clothes,
  2. food at the dinner table,
  3. nightly talks about life with the family members and
  4. people to wake you up so that you won’t be late for work!

Now as the moving in to our new home beckons, I’m starting to feel a bit nostalgic and feel like I might miss it when the house is a little more crowded with siblings and parents. When we do move in for real, it’s just the both of us and the ‘big’ empty flat! It’s gonna take a little while to get used to it I think?

I’m starting to sound like a baby. LOL

ANYWAY… We are currently in the midst of shifting over, and I’m definitely no expert at giving you expert tips on moving in, but I thought I’d share with you my experience thus far, and possibly stuff to avoid? Of course this is taking into account that you still live with your parents and are moving out into a new place. Here goes…

1) You are not superman


Don’t think that it is possible to put everything from your old house into a magical Doraemon pouch and then transport it with The Magic School Bus and unloading everything at your new place all in one trip. That is highly likely not happening.

And why not hire a house mover and put in all your things all at one shot? Unless you have bulky furniture like Sofas and Cabinets from your old place that you wish to transport, otherwise, it is not worth the money to hire a house mover.

What we did: We took our time and placed our items in smaller bags and shifted them over time. The renovation works took about 2 months plus, so a lot of shifting work was done during that time 🙂

2) The big guns

Besides the current stuff you have in your old place, you need to also think of new furniture and major appliances. Personally, I feel that the most important thing you need is the WASHING MACHINE! Without it, there is no bed to sleep on. Well… technically you can, if you don’t mind using bedsheets that are not washed?!

What we did: We got them to deliver the major furniture all at once. Left the TV and the speakers for later, though it’s tempting 😉

3) ID or no ID?

The dilemma that everyone faces when moving into the new house (at least for us)… should I or should I not get an Interior Designer to help with your house? There are pros and cons for both. For us, we viewed it as more pros to have an ID settle everything.

As we are both working, it would be too complicated to personally liaise with a contractor and tell them what you want 24/7.

What we did: It was just 4 meetings with our ID and we left him to work his magic, from getting the house painted, to literally unclogging our toilets (even before we used them, for whatever reason!). We were also happy to find out that we could use our ID in the receiving of our furniture and appliance delivery. That means, we don’t have to apply for leave just to receive them!

4) Boxes

Being organised when it comes to packing, is paramount. Imagine putting your shampoo and socks into the same box, and everything else as well. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNPACK.

What we did: We packed the boxes according to rooms. As obvious as it may sound, it really did help us unpack very easily. Everything for the kitchen goes into boxes labelled KITCHEN.

5) Take your time

Enjoy the shifting! It really shouldn’t be a chore. And it’s only going to be fun if you work together as a couple 🙂

It’s a new home you are building together! Don’t get stressed over meeting the timelines of shifting unless your parents’ place is to be sold off before you move in to your new place! You can always shift over your stuff after you’ve officially moved in… right?

I always thought it would be rude to just leave nothing behind for your parents to know that you have once lived with them… haha! But of course, some parents might really want all your barbie dolls out of their house. Mine was just boxes of shoes LOL!

What we are about to do: MOVE IN!

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