5 December 2016, by E-van and Terry

Behind The Scenes of the Luppy Wedding!

What’s Luppy?

It’s an inside joke made years ago between Terry and I, where he accidentally combined two words into one. His exact words were “I’m so luppy to be with you.” And we both cracked up in laughter. Can you guess what these two words are? If you guessed “happy” and “lucky”, then you’re right! 🙂 What better way to name our wedding as it still describes our relationship with each other today!

Here is what went on before and during our simple, joyous little luppy wedding.

I’ve been told countless of times to make sure I get a full night’s rest before the big day. But let me tell you, by personal experience, having a full 7-8 hours sleep before the wedding day itself is impossible!

I managed to sneak in 3 hours of sleep – with a sleeping mask which probably did not help! The poor bridegroom only had an hour’s nap!

It was nerve-wrecking to be awake at 5.30am, to get ready with the make-up and my wedding gown. Many thoughts were going through my head, “hope everything goes smoothly”, “remember to enjoy today”, “what’s going on with the chairs!?!?” “how about the ribbons…” these were just a few of the thousands thoughts in my head. At the same time, I was really excited for Terry to see me in my wedding gown – he hasn’t seen since it was made and we usually tell each other everything.


Look at that adorable tired face!

Terry was so exhausted he actually knocked on the wrong door! Whilst waiting, it dawned upon him that it’s not the right room! They hurried to our room and managed to escape an embarrassing moment. It’s no wonder when the door opened, Terry didn’t look excited but more of fearful. Now that I think of it, it’s really funny. What if he opened the door to a sleepy, full-bellied hairy man? :O


Our first photo together after seeing each other in full wedding gear!

We booked a maxi-cab instead of a fancy ride to Hort Park. Our garden wedding was very hands-on and we had friends who volunteered to help as much as they could. Terry was monitoring and overseeing everything.


“ok what’s next?”


As you can see, we did not opt for seats for the solemnisation. Instead, we had picnic mats for our guests, together with lap blankets and pillows under the wonderful Singapore morning sun! That’s me trying to explain our weather in the cutest way possible!

We bought our picnic “mats” from Arab Street which cost us about $15 per cloth. Those lap blankets and pillows? Daiso! The answer to everything! Hehe 🙂 There are also dried flower petals (really actually 2 packets of Potpourri from Daiso!) on the grass to pave the way for the aisle.

Enjoying the morning sun

Enjoying the morning sun

Unfortunately, later on that day, my guests were told to pick up those petals or the couple would be fined. When I heard that, I couldn’t help but feel upset that they made my friends and relatives do that!terryevan_ad-14       terryevan_ad-205

My good friend Ivy set up her cake – made from scratch to match our garden theme. Though it’s her first wedding cake, I think it’s beautifully made and simply delightful! It was such a statement piece to our wedding, I just love it so much!

Behind Ivy, you can see the chairs in the background. They were actually not what I wanted. I ordered and confirmed the *oh so pretty* gold Tiffany chairs months ago but… there was a major screw up the night before. All I can say is, read the reviews of where you get your Tiffany chairs from. They might be cheap, but their services are what you pay for. That brought me way too much stress and it was the most major decision to compromise for second best just 45 minutes before the wedding started! I even had friends who didn’t sleep a wink to cut out ribbons for our tiffany chairs. At the end of the day, I’m just glad I got a full refund.


Our DIY backdrop!

The little pots of flowers were graciously loaned to us by our caterer, paper poms are really easy to make. I bought tissue paper (not to be confused with toilet paper/kleenex), from a party store in Tekka Mall for only 60 cents a piece. One sheet of tissue paper can make two large flower poms or four small flower poms. Instructions? Ye good ol YouTube!

The grass backdrop was bought from Carousell for $150. If you would like to get them, I suggest you rent it instead. (psst… get in touch with me if you’re interested!)

While family and friends started streaming in, the emcee (Jules, a good friend of mine) and Terry had a fun and casual little dialogue (over the microphone of course so that I could eavesdrop) before the wedding officially begin!


Terry was relieved that our emcee did not put him in the spot


My guests were all punctual, looking dashing and gorgeous with such bright smiles on their faces – befitting of the dress code written on our invitation card : Happy!

My entourage:

My nephew, lil Pea and E-von, my older sister

Siblings, E-lin, E-liz and Samuel

My best friends, Rashmi and JJ

Finally, Daddy Yeung and I, arm in arm!

I walked down the aisle really fast because I was too happy. It’s probably the adrenaline and excitement from seeing and hearing everyone cheer as I marched to the instrumental version of “Somewhere Only We Know”.

I was screaming and cheering and I wished I walked slower to savor each moment. Terry, on the other hand… was a crybaby. Sorry, no pictures of that 😛


Our wedding officiate shared about marriage and its struggles, teamwork and how it takes two hands to clap, how we should hold on to each other when one loses balance and how two cupped hands can store more water.




We then danced out to the song “That’s Amore”.

It was then time for the mandatory Chinese tea ceremony to formally welcome each other’s families. Some of these exchanges got pretty emotional, especially on my family’s side (being the extremely emotional beings), my older sister broke out in tears as she said “you’re so grown up already” after telling Terry to take care of me.

terryevan_ad-266 terryevan_ad-284


We are very happy with the photos taken on the actual day. You could get in touch with me for the photographer’s contact if you like what you see!

In my next post, Terry and I scooted in with our electronic scooter for our second entrance!


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