27 November 2016, by Mandy Loh

The Miracle of Life

This is a story of a little old lady, who had a bad fall.

She injured her back, and became bedridden. Due to her age, her health and well-being rapidly deteriorated. The lack of movement gave her aches and pains all over her body, and she developed terrible bed sores from lying in bed all day. Before long, she had to be placed in a nursing home so that professional nurses could provide her with proper care.

Things did not look good at this point in time. And the story could have come to a sad ending. Yet happily, it didn’t, because of the extraordinary power of hope.

That little old lady is my grandma, and this is an incredible true story of the miracle of life: how the birth of one little baby can bring a new lease of life to another!

Grandma sustained her fall nine years ago, and her condition seemed to be worsening with each passing day. We were all bracing ourselves for what we thought was an inevitable eventuality. Then, my sister announced that she was pregnant!

It was a turning point of epic proportions. Grandma, who has always been a feisty lady, found a renewed purpose for living. With amazing tenacity, she willed herself to get better, so that she could see her very first great-grandchild! Throughout nine long months of gestation, she kept her spirits up with a little home project, knitting a white woollen cap for her greatly anticipated great-grandson.

And finally, she was able to hold him…the culmination of her hopes, dreams, love, and joy, wrapped up in a tiny bundle in her arms!

Grandma with her first great-grandson!

Grandma with her first great-grandson!

The white woollen cap, a labour of love by great-grandma!

My nephew Cayden as a newborn, wearing Ah-Tai’s lovingly handmade white woollen cap

Fast forward nine years later, and Grandma has been blessed with not one, not three, but FIVE great-grandchildren to her name!

The latest addition just joined the fold this year, but he’s currently residing in Australia. We are all eagerly looking forward to meeting this little cutie pie sometime soon!

Grandma's 5th great-grandchild, baby Isaac!

Grandma’s 5th great-grandchild, baby Isaac! Photo grabbed from Facebook – thanks Coco! 🙂

Meanwhile, that white woollen cap has become a bit of a family heirloom, and every great-grandchild has had a chance to wear it as a newborn! Even baby Isaac in Australia!

The entire clan (in Singapore, at least). Missing some relatives in Canada and Australia!

The entire clan (in Singapore). Missing some relatives in Canada and Australia!

Just last month, Grandma celebrated her 95th birthday, surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (well, at least the ones living in Singapore!) We decided to commemorate the occasion by having some family portraits done. Many thanks to The Beautiful Moment Photography for the awesome pictures! 🙂

Getting kids to pose with Ah-Tai is a feat in itself...

Getting kids to pose properly with Ah-Tai is a feat in itself…

It was a chaotic, noisy, rambunctious occasion, thanks to the four great-grandchildren running amok. But I’m sure that’s exactly how my Grandma likes to celebrate her special day: with a family gathering full of life, love and joy.

The joy that children bring!

The joy that children bring!

Its really true that children bring such joy to the family. And more than that, Grandma’s remarkable recovery is testament to how children are truly a gift of life, in more ways than one!

P/S And in celebration of Grandparents’ Day, cheers and wishes to all grandpas, grandmas and all the great-grands too!!

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