24 October 2016, by Gerald Koh

It’s been a year!!

I’m not too sure where it went. I can’t believe we experienced the wedding morning ‘rush’ about a year ago now :O



Time flew past and in a flash we have been Mr and Mrs Koh for over a year! I feel like it wasn’t too long ago when I couldn’t really sleep the night before, because I was too excited to get married thinking of what will go wrong the next day, and how I would spring into action to solve the problem! Yes, I had no choice… I’m built this way. There is a difference between being a perfectionist and having OCD. I think I’m both! ;p


Anyway, there are many lil things that Zhixin and I would do that only both of us would understand. And in the past one year as husband and wife, we realised we’ve done this a lot more. NOW get your head out of the gutter… Cos what I thought I would like to share with you here is pretty sweet 🙂 And maybe you could do it with your partner too? Just a suggestion! Because it’s these lil things that make us miss each other whenever we are apart. Ok now… don’t judge.


1) The memory game
As silly as it may sound, we do this quite often! Every time we go on a holiday trip, we secretly take notes in our heads about the things we do everyday on the trip. Then about two weeks later after we are back, or anytime in the later future, we would test each other on what we did in the morning of day one, afternoon of day two, etc. Basically, we try to one up each other, and see if we can remember more than the other! Hahaha! But at the end of it, it’s how we try and remember the lil things we do, like taking more than the needed amount of paper napkins from the waffle shop at Disneyland cos the mickey prints on them were so cute, that makes us want to forge more memories on our next trip! Disclaimer though… It is just a game, don’t fight 😀

Talking about fights…


2) The hand holding
Now let’s be real, the sweetest and most loving #couplegoals type of couples QUARREL. Ok… maybe there are some who don’t quarrel… But yup, Zhixin and I quarrel 🙂 And I’m not embarrassed to say it. In fact, every time we survive finish a quarrel, we always come out stronger. BUT, I do this all the time and Zhixin appreciates it 🙂 Every time we quarrel, I would never fail to just hold her hand. Even if we raise our voices a lil more than the normal talking volume. I always feel that there is a good reason to every quarrel, and that we are only trying to come out stronger after the incident.

Talking about quarrelling…


3) Cooking
Yup, we quarrel over who gets to cook dinner… Don’t laugh…  But we do, hahaha! Both Zhixin and I aren’t experienced chefs, but we go online to search different recipes to cook for each other 🙂 The feeling of satisfaction when your partner smiles and gives the nod of approval is pretty cool 🙂 Now, with our new kitchen… I think it’s gonna be quite fun! I rush to cook as well because whoever doesn’t cook gets to wash the dishes. Ok, I’m kidding ;p

Happy anniversary Babu! To many, many, many years ahead! Let’s talk about children in my next entry 😉


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Posted on : October 24, 2016

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