14 October 2016, by E-van and Terry

Our ‘Pain-filled’ Honeymoon


Introducing Mr and Mrs Terry Wee

The big day is over, we had our “honeymoon” (before heading for another wedding in Medan) and now, we’re finally back in Singapore!

There are many things to settle after the wedding. One thing we don’t have bugging us though, is a huge debt. I know many couples fall into this trap and I’m really thankful that we did not opt for a loan. It is good to have sufficient money and if you do intend to take a loan, be wise and realistic about the amount.

Heavy topic aside, I would like to share our so called “honeymoon” which was filled with lots of pain, bruises and definitely something to keep in my little corner of fond memories.

The next morning right after the wedding, we checked out of our hotel at 6 am to catch our 10 am flight to Bali…for a relaxing and well deserved honeymoon (or so we thought).

Well, we did something just a little different. We, the Wees (hehe 🙂 ), decided to climb a mountain…a GARGANTUAN mountain! She is none other than Mount Agung, THE Mount Agung!


Photo credits: http://www.panoramio.com/

Just look at her, standing 3,142 meters above sea level. My first mountain climb ever and we had to pick the toughest mountain to climb in Bali!


All prepared for mountain climbing


After six hours, we made it to the summit, in time to watch the beautiful sunrise.



Cheers to hot coffee and cakes on the summit

By the way, having hard boiled eggs to devour on the summit is The. Best. Thing. Ever!


That’s our guide 🙂

Though it was 8º C, it sure did not feel like it!

Though it was 8º C, it sure did not feel like it!


Of course, a romantic shot. Don’t cringe lah!

…and after which, a seven long, torturous hours to descend…

I lost my footing countless times while descending and ended up slipping and falling, as well as sliding down the dangerous mountain. (If unlucky, I could have slid sideways into the bottomless pit right beside us where I might never be found.) Once, I even slipped and bumped into our guide and he came sliding down with me and both of us grabbed whatever we could: rocks, branches, each other and eventually we recovered ourselves, though by then we were covered in mud!

Terry too, had one big misadventure where he lost his footing, slid down the hard soil and landed butt first on a sharp rock. He yelled out a cry and did not want to move for the next ten minutes. He was wounded and bruised from that horrible fall, in a whole lot of pain but, we had another four hours of descend. 🙁


No smiles, just pain and “are we done yet…”

I sobbed quietly to myself as it was just too torturous. It felt like I would never see the real world ever again. Not trying to be dramatic but to be able to see concrete brought tears to my eyes.


Alas, what seemed like forever… I see concrete floor!

This was us after the climb. It doesn’t seem that way, but we were actually drenched and soaked. There was heavy downpour during the descend. Muddy and disgusting and greasy and ugly and disgusting. But we were victorious. Exhausted but victorious.

To be honest, I think I wouldn’t suggest for any newlyweds to do what we did because it was really, really tough. If you’re not physically capable, at least be mentally prepared for it. I am definitely very proud of what we’ve accomplished as a married couple, but do reconsider if you’d prefer a more relaxing honeymoon!

Suggestions for an easier climb would be Mount Batur or even Mount Bromo. Gotta say though, the satisfaction and sense of achievement for climbing the toughest mountain in Bali just one day after my wedding is immense. We climbed THE Mount Agung, and we lived to tell the tale!


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