11 October 2016, by Rachelyn Gordon

Two years in!

“It has been really hard.”

I feel like I have been parroting this in response to the people who have been aware enough to recognise the social changes in N and I recently and ask what was up.

The past few months have seen us work Mondays through Sundays, keeping up with absolutely mind boggling hours, handling never ending back to back deadlines, lose friendships and ride the roller coaster of emotions that comes with handling the death of family members.

I remember having to scrutinise our calendars to find ONE common day that we could spend together to celebrate our second year anniversary. So as you can imagine, though I was very much in a relationship during all of the unexpected life events mentioned above, it has not been the easiest time for N and I.

All that said, I am aware that this IS what a normal day looks like for some couples. Some of whom are married with children! And if that is you reading this, I think you are amazing and am dying to know how you are doing it without collapsing on the sofa daily. Please share your life saving tips with me!

Negativity (and exhaustion) aside, our second year anniversary dinner had a surprising effect on social media (of all things, I know!).

N took charge of our first year anniversary. Thus, I had responsibility for our second year anniversary. Unfortunately, the only day that we had in common to celebrate it on was a Sunday. Though I have in an earlier post mentioned Sunday dates to be an idea I could get behind because the world is generally quieter and emptier then, it is only so because so many great restaurants and bars are closed! What made it more challenging to find a memorable place to wine, dine and unwind at was the fact that I had an important assignment due two days prior. Ugh!

So on a coffee fueled quest, I scoured the internet – read: Instagram for a restaurant. I was lucky enough to chance upon the bar Smoke and Mirrors.

A few clicks into its website and the discovery of the food choices in the menu which N and I could devour while facing a panoramic view of the Padang and Marina Bay sealed the deal for me!

View from the bar

P.S: I initially did not think making a reservation was necessary for a Sunday night but was thankful I did because the restaurant filled up quickly after N and I arrived for our 7 pm reservation.

Our entire night was fantastic and the slight headache (ok, it was more than a slight headache :p) I woke up with the next morning was absolutely it. Then, being the eternal pessimist I am , I moaned, groaned and dragged my feet to my usual commitments over the next few days, wishing of a holiday…when a friend, X messaged me on Facebook.

X’s friend Y was the head bartender of Smoke and Mirrors. And unbeknownst to me, N had written them a review. But it was not just any review. It was a review that had made the WEEK of the service staff at the bar.

Screenshot of Review

And that is when it hit me. THIS is who I am with.
This man who has an infectious enthusiasm, positive disposition and above all is a believer and doer of showing appreciation for all the little things in life.


So yes, I am grateful for social media for allowing me to find a bar that would later affirm all the reasons I am with N.

Happy 2 years, N!

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