6 September 2016, by Mandy Loh

Bucket of M&Ms Kit Kat cake!

Every Teacher’s Day, I try to find simple and creative ideas to make something special for Cristan’s and Caris’ preschool teachers. To make it meaningful, I would involve the kids in the process as much as possible. This year, it was even more significant as they will be transferring to another preschool, so it was a farewell present for the teachers as well.

In view of that, I decided to go all out, and made this super-awesome Bucket of M&Ms Kit Kat cake! I was inspired by an episode of Charli’s Crafty Kitchen (a wonderful YouTube channel that features two young girls making fun, edible treats). After some quick Google research, I realised that this cake is really simple to make, yet looks so impressive! Check this out!


The proud chefs! Looking like they were ready to dig in!

The proud chefs, looking like they are ready to dig in!

I am sharing the simple steps here, so you can try making it yourself with your kiddos at home!

1.  Bake a cake, or buy a ready-made plain cake from a bakery

I decided to bake one, with lots of help from a friend who’s a fantastic baker and runs Angel Cupcakes. I haven’t baked in a loooooong time…so it would not have turned out this successfully if not for her! 🙂

angel fixz

2. Cover the cake with lots of frosting!

Again, you can choose to make your own frosting (any flavour you prefer, but I went for chocolate), or buy ready-made frosting in a can. Angel Cupcakes helped me make the frosting, which I brought home separately so that the kiddos could spread it onto the cake.

Hard at work, spreading the chocolate frosting

Both kids are very serious about their frosting

Warning: Be prepared for a big mess! But the best part is, it really doesn’t matter how messy the cake looks, because it all gets covered up by the chocolates eventually!

3. Unwrap a gazillion packs of Kit Kats and stick them onto the perimeter of the frosted cake

Ok I’m kidding. The cake we made was pretty huge (10 inches) so we used about 54 Kit Kat fingers (or 27 small packs of Kit Kats). A regular sized cake should require about 36 – 40 individual fingers.

Sticking the Kit Kat fingers on the side of the cake

Cristan insisted on climbing onto the table to do this! Talk about enthusiasm!

4. Scatter loads of M&Ms onto the top of the cake

Open many packets of M&Ms. Dump on top of cake. Done.

(I used 500g of M&Ms, but then again, my cake was ginormous. A regular cake would probably need about 350g perhaps)


In this case, Caris preferred to place them carefully on the cake. Not necessary but whatever floats her boat!

5. Decorate if desired

The cake is already pretty awesome at this point, but adding some extra touches brings it up a notch!

We had a mini farewell party at the preschool and everyone was so excited to see the cake. Both Cristan and Caris were also glowing with pride, telling their teachers and friends that they had made the cake themselves. We had a great time and everyone was on a chocolate high after that!

At the farewell party with the teachers

At the farewell party with the teachers

I would highly recommend that you try this with your kiddos one day, perhaps for a grandparent’s birthday gathering or a special occasion like Christmas. It’s a great parent-child activity and your kids will feel so proud to have made the cake “all by themselves”!

Have fun!


Mandy Loh


September 26th, 2016 at 12:42 pm    

Thanks Shirley! Yes do try it, its lots of fun! 🙂 Be prepared for the sugar high afterwards though, haha!


September 26th, 2016 at 11:07 am    

Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful idea to try with my kiddos at home.

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