1 September 2016, by Rachelyn Gordon

Go Pokemon Go…Away

While many couples have celebrated the launch of Pokemon Go as a free and engaging activity to do on date nights, I beg to differ.

Despite having grown up in the 90’s, I did not grow up enthralled by the Pokemon characters. In fact, I only know of its famous catch phrase, “Gotta catch them all” because I grew up hearing it being chanted repeatedly by friends. I attribute this to the fact that my mother did not allow me to watch cartoons without any educational value. I was hence, strictly only to watch cartoons which were the likes of Sesame Street and the Magic School Bus.

Fast forward to more than a decade later, when the craze of Pokemon Go hit our shores and many – including N – rejoiced in being able to relive their childhood, I did not see its relevance…or dare I say…. entertainment value. Do not get me wrong, I am not writing the game off without having tried it. I have in fact tried it and managed to work myself up into a rage because I was unable to catch my first Pokemon!

I would later come to be educated by N that in order to catch a Pokemon, I needed to emulate a throwing action with my finger….and not drag the Pokeball (which I was pronouncing as Poke-ball for the longest time) to where the Pokemon was on the screen.

Needless to say, that was my first and last Pokemon I caught…urgh…

N, on the other hand has spent time playing the game, reliving many moments from his childhood. However, over time, him playing this game I did not understand had come to slightly bother me.

Take last week for example, when I was standing at a McDonalds dessert kiosk. I was wondering out aloud to N what dessert I should buy and this was our exchange:

Me: “Mmm so should I get a Sundae or a McFlurry? My sister wants a McFlurry but I am not sure if I….gets cut off
N: “Omg! There is a gym here with Pokemons I can beat!!! I must walk over there, quickly!” points nondescriptly in a random direction and walks away
Me: “N?? Are you really walking off? Omg he is gone!” talking to myself at this point

A few minutes later, N comes back looking sheepish exclaiming
N: “Aiya, actually the Pokemons in this gym are too powerful for me. I can’t fight them yet.”

Bear in mind that up to that point, I had no concept of what a Pokemon gym or fighting Pokemons at a gym meant.

So yes, granted that N is definitely not addicted to the game or sacrificing sleep or time with me just to play it, the addition of Pokemon Go into our relationship has been a rather strange development for me.

Then came today, when I shared an article I was reading with N and waiting for him to reply…which he did but just not saying what I was expecting.

Telling N about an article I had read and waiting expectantly for his reply.

Telling N about an article I had read and waiting expectantly for his reply.

N's reply was not what I had in mind at all!

N’s reply was not what I had in mind at all!

At this point, I was genuinely irritated and wanted to text N to stop playing this silly game, its not even real life and LISTEN TO ME!

Then I guess, sanity took over and I realised that not having an emotional attachment to Pikachu and his friends does not give me the right to steal N’s fond memories of his childhood. Plus I suppose this is what relationships are about – allowing your partner to indulge in certain hobbies, even if makes you wrinkle your nose…because it is making them happy.

Yes, sigh, I have, in fact conceded to Pokemon Go. Perhaps I’ll just get a Pokeball to catch N!

Ah relationships!

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