31 August 2016, by Camilla Harrison

A trip to the Fire Station!

Last weekend I started a new tradition: Saturday morning Siena and me time. Just her and me, just an hour or two, just for fun.

Now that Siena is almost four years old, I feel it is easier to do more adventurous and grown up outings. From cafes to plays, we are getting to spend time together in so many new and novel ways. So when a friend mentioned all Singapore fire stations do an open house every Saturday morning geared for kids (and that it’s free!) I thought we had to check it out.

We live in the west so the Clementi station is the closest one to us. We hopped on the 105 bus and off we went.­­­­­­

Well first actually it was “operation: get out the door.” It’s a bit tougher these days as now that Soma is 10 months, she is in a bit of a  “I want mummy only stage.” So when I say “off we went” what I really mean is “baby was diverted then out I crept” lol.  Mummy confession: while I hate to see her crying a part of me LOVES the fact she wants only me 🙂

We arrived at the fire station right when it opened and I have to say, it really was a cool sight. The firemen were all super engaging with the kids and had set up stations to check out: from fire engine horn demonstration to playing dress up with actual fireman’s gear. It took a little convincing to explain to Siena there wasn’t actually going to be a fire to put out – she was relieved…lol.

First we got to hold the hose. With a firm grip, Siena was delighted in just how fast and strong the water flowed.  It was so powerful that I was sure if the fireman let go, she was going to go flying with it! Then it was onto throwing the coiled hose just as the firemen do when it’s time for action.  While we missed our target (by a long shot!) I did get an amazing photo of Siena’s hat flying off! See below 😉

Next it was onto climbing the back of a fire truck, checking out the interior and even a “fireman sliding down the pole” demonstration. Every child even got their own fire hat to commemorate the occasion. Such a nice touch!

I have to be honest: I really wish there was more free open houses for kids in Singapore as so they can learn about more professions and how the world works.  It’s such an amazing way to see kids engaged in the real world in a level of it they don’t get to experience day to day.

Sometimes I wonder what Siena will be when she grows up. When I ask her, answers range from “I’ll be a doctor” to “ I’ll be a birthday.” While I want her to be a success – which parent doesn’t? – deep down I just want her to be happy and content.

I don’t know if other mothers feel the same but I find it so hard to envision her all grown up. When she was born, there was no way I could envision her 4 years old and now that she is 4, I can’t fathom 8 or anything close to that. Perhaps it’s a built in mechanism, so parents don’t get too overwhelmed and can just focus on the present.

All in all, it was an awesome morning at the fire station – highly recommend it!

So what’s next for mummy and daughter time?  Well it’s going to take some planning on my part. But the possibilities are endless and they all don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. I envision picnics, kopi and milo breaks, walks by the water at Vivo City, chasing birds in the Botanic gardens. I have to remember (and delight in) the fact that while Siena is changing so much AND so is my experience as a Mother. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Check out some pics of my very proud almost 4 year old!


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