25 August 2016, by Gerald Koh

Onix-pected Love Hunt

It took me some time to think of what I wanted to share about in this month’s post…haha! And it’s not because I’ve got nothing in my newly married life to share about 🙂 Instead… I have TOO MANY things in my life right now that I don’t know which to choose!

  1. Receiving the keys to our BTO flat (Which I’m thoroughly excited about btw)
  2. Planning for furniture shopping etc. (Yes, this needs to be planned due to my busy schedule)
  3. Interior design concept of our new house
  4. Upcoming getaway romantic trips with wifey


But I thought about it, and felt that maybe those can wait for the next few posts ;p

What’s more important now, which is on the tip of everyone’s lips and smartphones…

POKEMON GO! (I know… this is apparently more important to us now than our new house)

So prior to the Pokémon Go app being made available in Singapore, both Zhixin and I had major doubts about it. I guess it’s probably because of the many negative reports filed against the game? People getting injured or getting into fights when playing the game etc. I was quite certain we wouldn’t be “selling our souls” and be so hooked on the game mainly because we will be going through big milestones in our lives like collecting the keys to our new home and planning for the interior design/buying of furniture. 🙂



Zhixin and I are Pokémon GO addicts… and we are shamefully guilty of it! Hahahaha! However, contrary to all the negative articles we’ve read about this crazy game that has taken over the world by storm, we realised that playing the game as a couple is actually quite cute. 😉

couple pokemon

Ok, I suddenly realised that I’m making it sound like prior to this game, we don’t have fun with each other at all!

But no, what I’m trying to say is that, with a common interest like this, it has its positives as well 🙂 SO…

Every day while we’re at work, we would Whatsapp each other about where we should go Pokémon hunting that night. In fact, we have gone to almost all the hotspots in Singapore! This game is apparently making me look forward to my PokéDate nights, especially when it is spent with the silly wifey trying to compete with me for who is able to get a Pokémon with a higher CP (Combat Power)!


I’ve also noticed that we have been walking together a lot more now with the idea of hatching our eggs or moving around to look for more Pokémons. Usually when I drive, Zhixin sometimes sleeps and we don’t really talk much. BUT with all these Pokémon walking, we are always laughing and chatting a lot more!


I think we are a lil challenged in the “planning of our new house” side of things with this Pokémon GO frenzy, but I guess whatever it takes to enjoy each other’s company, we’ll hold on to it tightly ;p Just that we really need to start with the planning for the baby, WAIT WHAT?! I mean house ;p


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