22 August 2016, by E-van and Terry

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Jakarta (Part 2)

As promised, below are a few of our pre-wedding shots done in Jakarta by Terry’s best friend. We are in casual clothes for the whole of our pre-wedding shoot. So, no formal gowns and suits because I guess that’s just our style! Enjoy ūüôā

We were at Fatahillah Square, where many of our shots were taken amongst the hustle and bustle of the locals riding bicycles, market stalls selling food, clothes, toys and everything else, children eating and running around, playing guitars, drums and just a wonderful, happy, carefree space.


This is the place where you can rent a bicycle for about SGD $3 an hour and enjoy the arena, together with other cyclists. The vibes that we get from everyone there is that they can enjoy such simple things such as this, riding around with bicycles in a large space, and you can enjoy sitting basically anywhere else in this area to have a cool drink from the stalls nearby, while basking in the sun and people watch.

Total spending : SGD $3



Just upstairs from Fatahillah Square (where we will get our widened photo from) is this little cafe called Cafe Batavia. It has a really nice, wooden and cosy atmosphere. You can order a meal or two with coffee and enjoy the scenery from the second level. The food prices there were¬†comparable to the standard, cool hipster cafes in Singapore. So it was roughly SGD $10 per meal, SGD $4-5 for a coffee. Be warned that if you have all the camera gadgets with the photographer, they just might want to charge for using their space “commercially”. If it’s a simple casual photo taking during lunch with friends, they will not pester you. Know what I mean? But I had two ladies with me who did my hair & make up. We couldn’t afford to hide that! Thinking back makes me want to laugh because we were all trying to be discreet and yet, when I arrive from a few snapshots, these ladies will get up from their seats with haste and start touching up my make up and the other adjusting my hair. Way to be discreet! Plus, I used their washroom to change my clothes. We had to leave pretty quickly as soon as we were found out. But nevertheless, we managed to get a few shots from this cute little rustic cafe!

Total spending: SGD $20



Just by the side of Fatahillah Square, we had a long stretch of food stalls that sold Indonesian delicacies such as Nasi Ayam, Mee Bakso, and drinks like Teh Sosro. This was one of my favorite spots to shoot because of the vibrant colors, the busy atmosphere with the yelling from the hawkers, buskers singing with their guitars and of course, this was the perfect place to get a cool beverage after being under the sun for a while! Our photographer had to keep telling us not to drink too fast because I was gulping down the drink pretty quickly from all the heat!



Finally, just a 5-7 minutes’ walk from Fatahillah Square, we went¬†to this place known as the Treehouse.¬†It looked like an abandoned building from the outside.¬†You wouldn’t enter if you had a weak heart. We had the pleasure of looking and scouting the place (without photos) before deciding that we would like to get photos here. There was an entrance fee of SGD $8 per person for going in but you could capture very cool and interesting images inside (if you press on and be strong, in your mind). It had been left vacant for decades and trees had started growing in them. It was eerie and definitely unique. We were the only ones there so there was hardly any tourists in this building with us… which made it even more eerie and the air, still. It was a place where our photographer friend knew, and I’m not sure if many people actually know about this place.

If there was an entrance fee, you’d think that it’s targeted for tourists to explore and take pictures but I’ve been searching on information about this building and I can’t seem to find it. So all I can say is, if you really like the following photo, or at least the feel of it, you might have to ask the locals around to see if they know this building. It feels like a whole different realm that we’ve entered and, not to scare you but we had to say that “sorry for disturbing!” phrase before we sat¬†on the broken chairs, tree branches or¬†climbed up the stairs.

Total spending: SGD $30


I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek of our pre-wedding pictures. We really had lots of fun shooting¬†them. We are trying to reserve the¬†other photos to¬†be shown only on the wedding. ūüôā

Just another tip if you plan on having your pre-wedding or just any photoshoot in Jakarta – be sure to put on as much mosquito repellent as you can! The mosquitoes there are as feisty as their chili! You could slap on some sunblock if you wish to as well.

Before I end this post, I would like to dedicate a picture that makes me salivate, that made me love Jakarta so much, that will encourage me to take a plane down for just one day for the¬†authentic taste just once more. The Martabak! Please, please try it when you’re in Jakarta. It is everywhere, but the exact one we had was from Martabak Boss. We got the Taro and the Red Velvet. It was so hard to choose! But try any, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. We were so full from it, we kept it and ate it for breakfast the next day! It is as delicious, sweet and buttery as much as it is sinful. But hey, you’re on a holiday. Who’s counting calories? ūüėČ


Image taken from https://gastronomy-aficionado.com/2014/08/12/martabak-toblerone-and-nutella/martabak-pecenongan-65a-2/ (because I was too busy taking videos of the making and the eating)

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