22 July 2016, by E-van and Terry

Wedding Prep Update – Two months left!

We are two months away from our wedding! Invites have been sent out. We designed and made the wedding invites ourselves and I’m super proud of it! Terry did the drawings of us (so cute!) and the words are all handwritten by me. Here’s how our invite looks like.


We only printed a few hard copies for our relatives and really close friends. For everyone else, we did it through Facebook invite. (let’s save paper) (and erm, money)

We have recently met up with the decor + catering people, went to the venue to sort out some details up, did measurements where required, discussed on color schemes as well as materials needed, discussed the catering booths, and of course, made another payment for everything. We also discussed the march-in songs and general atmospheric background music we want with the sound technicians, who will need to scour the venue to find out the power points, etc.

For the company we hired, they separated our payment into four different segments; 20% (first downpayment to secure the booking), subsequently 35% and 35% nearing the date and 10% on the wedding day itself. I think it would be advisable to have someone in mind, most probably a close relative or friend to take care of that for you. So on the wedding day, you won’t have to worry about what hasn’t been paid, what hasn’t been mailed, or what needs to be sent back, etc. Speaking of someone trustworthy, it will be good to think of who you’re going to get to keep your wedding rings! That person is very important.

We are definitely enjoying the process so far, and at this juncture I start to be more nitpicky about certain things which, should be a good sign because I’m actually going towards a direction unlike before where I had no clue on what to do or what I wanted.

My wedding dress is at it’s final stages of touch ups. It is custom-made by Terry’s primary school friend who is now working as a seamstress and designer for wedding gowns. We had three sessions so far – discussing the design, trying on the rough structure of the dress, then altering the length and adding “poofs” haha.. And now it’s all about the details of lace and all that. The next time I see her, I will be keeping the dress already. How exciting!!! And it’s going to be so hard to keep it from Terry because we agreed that he will only see me in the gown on the wedding day itself.

It is all coming together.. It’s nice to finally visualize it happening. And it’s beautiful. Budgets are getting tighter! I am finally making strong and firm decisions. Well at this stage I better be!

Next would be delegating tasks to my fellow brides mates and groomsmen. And of course, picking a day to go shopping altogether! Why am I so excited about that? Haha!

Till next wedding update – that’s going to be just one month left to the wedding! *gasps*

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