12 July 2016, by Gerald Koh

The Wifey Takeover

Hi! It’s Zhixin here. Yes, the silly boy had this weird idea of getting me to hijack a blog post. I’m not too sure what should I write or how I should start.

Let me share with you the many silly things he has done to get me so madly in love with him 🙂

Well, like most couples, we do have our ups and downs. But we try not to have cold wars as we feel that they are just a waste of time. Taking time to cool down is different from having a cold war. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever not spoken to each other for more than 10 hours after a quarrel 🙂 There are no secrets between us, at least I don’t 😉 I share whatever is in my life with him and he knows me inside out.

This man is so special in my life and these are the few reasons why he is the one…

He is thoughtful

He knows I love chilli crab. Every time we eat it, he would help crack all the hard shells for me. He gives me the pincers because he says it’s the meatier part. I’ve never had to remove the shell off prawns since the first time we had seafood together 🙂 I think it’s pretty thoughtful of him!

He spies on me…in a good way

3 years ago, I had a blog and there was a wish list which I created in hope of checking them off slowly. One of the wishes was to have Teppanyaki because I’ve never eaten it before. On one of our first few dates, we went out for lunch and he asked me where I would like to eat.. I said anything. Well, he had already planned something and pretended to walk pass a restaurant at Plaza Sing and asked if I mind eating there. It was Teppanyaki 🙂

He is my only hots

My tolerance for spicy food is very low when I first met him. He will give me his non spicy share if I accidentally ordered something not knowing it’s spicy. Right now, I can handle Thai Express 😀

That’s quite an improvement ok haha

His old habits die hard

Though I can handle a bit of chilli now, he will still try his best to remove the chilli from the sambal stingray or the belachan in the stuffed chilli selar. He scrapes away the bones and the chilli padi seeds before rinsing in some hot soup and putting it on my plate.

He comforts me

I’m always very nervous before every roller coaster ride, and my palms will get sweaty. He’ll always try to comfort me by yelling from his seat and ask if I’m ok whenever we go through an inversion.

He does many more!

Sometimes when I’m out with my friends on weekends, he will drive all the way to the MRT station to pick me up.

When we play games, he pretends to be bad at it just to let me win when he is actually pretty good in it.

He always hugs me whenever we watch fireworks in Disneyland.

He’ll always give me kisses on my eyelids when he’s sending me home. There was once the elevator reached my storey and he said it was too soon. So we went up and down several times so he can kiss my eyelids more haha.

I once lost a comb which I really liked. It has pretty vintage designs and he managed to find the exact same one and bought it for me the next day.

He accompanied me in the queue for over 7 hours just to get a good view at Adam Lambert’s first concert in Singapore cos he didn’t want me to be alone.

My first gift to him was a packet of homemade brownies wrapped in a pretty wrapper. He still kept the wrapper till today.

He loves to place a pillow over me in the morning. Like a sandwich.

There were quite a number of times I dozed off in his car. So he bought a Stitch bolster so that I could hug it when I sleep. It is still sitting in his car 🙂

Looking forward to many more silly things this boy would do! And if your wife or husband does sweet things to you too, give him/her a really tight hug now!

I can’t wait for our new house to be ready! And maybe lil Gerald juniors to run around 😉

Posted on : July 12, 2016

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