28 June 2016, by E-van and Terry

Pre-wedding Shoot in Jakarta (Part 1)

Our short-lived three day trip to Jakarta was very fruitful. We decided to arrive a day before the photo shoot to explore and to familiarise ourselves within that little part of this big city for our pre-wedding shoot. And of course, the food! We are very enthusiastic and adventurous when it comes to tasting the local delights. But for now, let’s stay focused!

Why Jakarta?

This choice made some of our Indonesian and Singaporean friends a little puzzled. Terry and I both love backpacking since our early dating years. They weren’t the easy and relaxing kind of backpacking, but the ones that required you to work for it. Getting under the sun, all soaked up with sweat as well as eating our food while sitting on the stools in wet markets. Yes, “raw”. That is what both of us seem to gravitate towards and it’s always full of surprises! We love interacting with the locals even with the language barriers, so what we will do is play a game of charades and just have a nice laugh when we are all lost in translation. Therefore, we believe that choosing the theme of “raw” somehow represents us!

Constantly intrigued by the local food, we went on a little hunt on our very first day, within a half hour of checking into our hotel room.



We were at our next door neighbor, ITC Mall, where we treated ourselves to a nice little feast with Gado-Gado, Otak Otak, Mee Bakso, Smashed Duck with Rice and Soda Gembira. It was simply delicious!


Sometimes, the system of ordering food can be really interesting. For example, when we ordered Otak-Otak, they brought six Otak-Otaks to our table, and you don’t actually have to eat them all, just eat however much you want and they will only charge you for the ones you have eaten.



In ITC Mall, there’s a whole lot of things to look at. Your eyes will be very busy and might get tired! Haha. If you fancy a little bit of shopping, do pay ITC Mall a visit! It is a place where you can eat, shop and walk…A LOT!

Why so early?

The very next day, it was time to get down to business! Day one of our pre-wedding photo shoot! Most pre-wedding photo shoots take only a day or two to get all the pictures taken. I had a hair & make-up artist booked so that I didn’t have to worry about how I would look for the shoot. I love looking beautiful, so this part was very important to me. And not worrying about this simply put me at ease as I got myself ready for the busy day!


They came at 6am, can you believe it? I was still a zombie… much like a princess. Or at least I wish I was…for a day! Ok…a Zombie princess! Hehehe. After two hours of hair and make-up, (I know, that’s quite long. But the make-up artist was very meticulous!) we headed to our first location…

*Drum roll* Welcome to Fatahillah Square!



This was one of the venues our photographer friend brought us – Fatahillah Square. It is a lovely vast area with a very chill vibe. You can choose to rent colorful bicycles from the many vendors at the street corners and they will provide cute little straw hats!

We visited many more places for the shoot after this venue. I can’t wait for you to see them.

Catch our next post with more pictures of our pre-wedding shoot really soon. Stay tuned!

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