31 May 2016, by Gerald Koh

We’re Ready

Isn’t it too early?

Do you have the finances to do this?

You do know that you can’t like do a return or a refund for this right?!

Well, those are probably the questions I’m gonna get hahaha! But yup… Zhi Xin and I have spoken about it with each other, and I guess we are ready? *cue subtle not too loud screams*

Ok, let me answer the questions above LOL 😉

Is it too early? Hmmm… I guess these things have got no time limit. When you get married, you’re almost quite certain that you are heading towards that direction? I mean, whether it’s now, or maybe a few years down the road, it is still something that Zhi Xin and I would like to look forward to.

Seriously, it’s not like we are gonna force it out or something! Hahaha… even so, it doesn’t just magically appear. But at least there is a thought about it, and with that common thought, it’s probably going to make it a little more special 🙂

Finances? Well… with proper planning, I believe everything is possible! It’s not as if you’re asking me to pay off for a million dollar car, which I really want, but that’s another story hehe… In fact you get $8,000 to start things off. That could really help in the early few months 🙂 And with a proper savings attitude, I think it can be affordable. That being said, the priceless feeling you will be getting is going to be a lot more than what money can’t buy!

Hang on, I haven’t actually said what is this thing that Zhi Xin and I are ready for yet right? You guessed it! It’s a family PUPPY!!! Yup! Since the house is here, wouldn’t it be so cool to have a family pet?






Ok I’m kidding lah! Yeah… not a pet… but a real baby :p But we’re really not forcing it out. In fact, there are a few things I would like to practice before getting into it.


Having a balanced diet is pretty important before trying for a baby. Increase in protein and fresh food will help to increase fertility in men, and that means more egg whites, fish and seafood, soya bean and dairy food 🙂

This might be a lil funny to some of you, but when trying for a baby, wear boxer shorts when you’re sleeping or even when you can during the day. This helps with better sperm production because of cooler temperatures.

Try to avoid alcohol for 2 months prior to trying for a baby!

And finally, laptops on tables! Putting it on your laps is going to zap off your active sperms!

Btw, if you would like to know more about your fertility wellness, you can click here to sign up for a fertility health check from now till end of June 2016!

To be honest, it does sound a little bit scary to plan for a baby. I mean, there have been questions in my mind like, am I ready for sleepless nights? Do I know how to change diapers? Or would I know what to do if the baby gets sick? I guess these questions are only natural to have. In fact, no worries about that because there are classes at hospitals or clinics that you can take during pregnancy to prep yourself better before the time comes 🙂 I’m definitely signing up for that!

20160604_002306 copy

There have been a gazillion responsible fathers before me… I guess I’d be ok 🙂

So apart from that, I think the next thing to think of would be the name?

Stitch if it’s a boy, Lilo if it’s a girl. My wife would be so displeased though. I think let’s have her do the baby naming deed!

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