30 May 2016, by E-van and Terry

Three Months till Wedding Day

We’ve been asked countless times, “How are the wedding plans coming along?”

The truth is, I’m not even sure if it’s going accordingly, if everything is in order, if I’ve missed out anything… I just don’t want to turn into a bridezilla while planning my wedding and lose all my friends quietly. Honestly, I don’t think I will be one! Remember brides-to-be, it can be your day but you don’t have to ruin anyone else’s day. I have had my fair share of nasty brides. With that being said, there are many friends surrounding me who are more than willing to help out. Angels are amongst us!

The earlier stages of the planning gave me a substantial amount of stress – which led to pretty bad migraines that occur when I’m under pressure. That was no fun at all. What made me so stressed was not because of me not getting things the way I wanted, but because of the amount of $$$ I realised I would have to spend. Oh my hard earned money… I’ve never been a girl who knows what she wants for her wedding and have it all planned out…  but I know a ton of girls who already know and are already planning it ahead waaaay before their boyfriends propose or even before having a boyfriend. Haha!

Let me tell you, the wedding services offered by many companies in Singapore may not exactly be cheap. We are holding our wedding at Hort Park – it’s a beautiful venue…Isn’t it? This venue itself will cost us about $3,000+.

All I have to say is, with careful planning and also when you have friends in businesses for decor, or pretty things, do consider having them at your wedding. Not only are you supporting them and local businesses, you are also helping to advertise for them. But of course, make sure you’re a fan of their work.

It has never been in the plans to have a dinner banquet because, well we are not really into it. Also, our attempt of having a small simple wedding is just not happening for us. Relatives alone from both sides already take up half of my invitation list! If I’m not wrong, that’s about 70-80 guests. It’s hard to NOT invite some people,  you’ll just have to think about how to answer the “uninvited” relatives during the family gatherings at the next Chinese New Year or Christmas celebrations.


I’ve been saving most of my salary every month and scrimping on basically everything. (It didn’t help that Sephora had a 3-day 20% storewide sale) but don’t worry, I was very controlled. Terry has also changed his job recently, and he truly is enjoying it because he is able to finally do what he likes… problem solving, fixing broken things, painting and (haha) sewing!

I’ve also gotten a little busier at work recently as I have late night rehearsals for an upcoming show, resulting in me getting to see Terry much lesser than usual. But it sure helps that we’re in the same company. This means that we can squeeze in a short dinner between 6 – 7pm before the start of my rehearsal. Making time for each other always makes me happier and makes my day better.



We will finally get to travel in June (after such a long time) for our pre-wedding photoshoot. We are heading to Jakarta where Terry’s bestfriend will be taking some awesome shots of us. I can’t wait!

Tell you more in my next blog 🙂

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Posted on : May 30, 2016

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