16 May 2016, by E-van and Terry

About E-van and Terry

Hey there! This is a virtual introduction so just imagine me smiling at you appropriately.

The name’s E-van. The hyphen is essential, or I’ll be known as Evan – I’m not a boy. I would change my name to Evangeline when I was in primary school but of course, I’ve grown up to embrace my unique name given by my parents. All my other siblings have hyphens in their names as well. Our names are directly translated from Cantonese!

By day I’m a full-time performer, hosting and acting mostly. By night I eat really good dinners, usually cooked by whom I refer to as Daddy Yeung. Other times I’ll be out with wonderful company of friends. I see my fiancé almost everyday and he is very well integrated into my everyday life. He is Terry, who’s an artist mostly and a bit of everything else.

We do many things together. We love traveling and backpacking. We’ve been to a number of countries and our favourite – Christmas Island. We’ve been together for 3 years and going strong!

On 20th January 2016, Terry proposed in a snow blizzard in Kyoto Japan – he wanted a white background. He certainly got that white background!! Man, we were freeeezing! Completely caught off guard, I choked up in tears when I was about to say yes and mind you, it grew into quite a manly choke. But, immediately I remembered he had our camera facing us in the video mode so of course, I mellowed down my manly choke into a demure gentle lady soft coughs.

We have been planning our wedding ever since, and guess what? We’ve already got our venue and date down. Our joyous occasion will be on 17 Sept 2016. Yes I know…”So fast?!” Hey, we’re just preparing ourselves for the BTO flat we applied two years ago, which will be ready somewhere in 2017!

That’s our journey so far. I hope this little intro gave you a bit of an insight of us as a couple. And soon… a married couple. *gasp* and after that, a married couple with kids. *double gasps*

We are excited to be embarking on this new journey where we can share stories with other couples and maybe even make new friends along the way!

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Posted on : May 16, 2016

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