12 April 2016, by Gerald Koh

6 months after

6 months on… IT’S BEEN 6 MONTHS!! Time didn’t just fly, it kinda teleported..

It felt like it was just a few days back when we were so nervous thinking of which music to choose for the string quartet to play when we walked down the aisle. But yes, October 3rd was the Church Wedding and it has been 6 months of being officially husband and wife.

We’ve always been asked by friends,

1) how different is it being married?
2) so when are you gonna have a baby?
3) when is the house coming?
4) which school are you putting your baby at?
5) is married life fun?

Well I guess 6 months is somewhat not a really good period of time to gauge and give my answers to the questions above? However let me share with you my thoughts on those questions 🙂

1) How different is it being a married?

Actually, I don’t feel like there’s any difference at all. My love for her is still at that optimal level (I’d like to think that). I get to see her everyday, just like how it was before marriage. Some people might say, once you get married, you start to understand what is the meaning of being responsible with your finances… I guess that isn’t quite true for us, because we have been very responsible with our money since three years before we walked down that aisle ;p If that wasn’t the case, then I guess we wouldn’t have had the moolah to go for the banquet… and now the house!! I really can’t seem to think of anything that is vastly different now from when we were unmarried. Hmmmm…She eats more than me? Ok no… that is the same as well… AND I really shouldn’t say that.


Yes, it was intentionally capitalised… because nearly the whole world asks that, and it’s as if it were a sin (like how some people eat for free at a wedding banquet aka puts in $18 for angbao) if you don’t ask newlyweds this question. So I’m gonna answer that question now.


I mean, we can’t be popping bunnies straight after the wedding right.. well ok.. we’ll definitely take it in our stride 🙂 I mean, we are kind of financially sound right now to have a baby, but there is really no rush 🙂 But hey! If baby does come into our lives tomorrow, we’re still ready~ Just that it does take 9 months tho.

In fact, we actually sat down at the hotel lounge area, with Mount Fuji as the backdrop, during our honeymoon.. and thought of a baby’s name!!! Won’t say it now tho.. cos.. it’s just weird hahaha.

3) When is the house coming?

We’ve actually been monitoring Facebook updates from neighbours and it seems like the keys for our BTO should be ready by June!! YES!! It’s been nearly over three years of waiting, and finally! Quite glad we’ve gotten our Interior Designer sorted out 🙂 His name is Texan. Husband to be to a close friend of mine! Will share pics of the finalised plan soon!

4) Which school are you putting your baby at

You mad bro?

5) Is married life fun?

It’s always going to be fun if you want it to be fun 🙂 Zhi Xin and I love going on short getaway trips! Even if it’s for a 1 night weekend staycation! Sometimes we like to compete in cooking. Saturday it’s me, Sunday it’s her… Then we grade each other! Baking however is a landslide victory to her advantage…. all I know is to pipe icing sugar.

Can’t wait for 12 months on! Who knows maybe I can give you a better answer to question 2 above? ;p

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