31 March 2016, by Tan Li Lin

A Lazy Phuket Trip: The Cure To Post Trimester 1 Trauma!

Now at 15 weeks pregnant, I’ve finally graduated from a horrid Trimester 1 plagued with fatigue, Acid Reflux, digestion problems and – the worst – massive nausea and the loss of appetite.

I spent much of the last 10 weeks hidden under the sheets with the air-condition on, eating crackers, turning down paid work and avoiding people. I alternated between worrying others don’t understand what I’m going through (feelings of guilt) to not caring any less what the world wants from me. My daily purpose was to figure out what I could put into my stomach that day without feeling like throwing up, and how to get through the next 24 hours. At least, I’ve come to realise how important our health is and how much we take for granted basic physiological abilities (like eating).

Now, at 15 weeks pregnant, I’m so happy to experience again some normality in my life!

  • Morning sickness has reduced
  • Few foods set me off now and I can ‘be around food again’
  • I can eat well and keep the food down (and by that I mean, more than 10 bites which was the maximum I could take in Tri 1)
  • I can get up and work 2 to 4 hours a day
  • I can actually, stand the sun and brightness
  • Same goes for sounds, especially loud, shocking ones (hated those!)
  • I can climb up the stairs without feeling like I’m going to die of exhaustion
  • I can talk to and have physical contact with my hubs again – yay! (I repelled at any physical contact in Tri 1, even if he was just holding my hand to sleep)

Tri 2 symptoms thus far:

  • Major constipation
  • Sleeplessness (only for about 1.5 weeks)
  • The need for restful, undisturbed sleep (10 hours is comfortable – I found earplugs helped GREATLY)
  • Morning sickness only when I brush my teeth (morning and night)
  • Fatigue – but manageable
  • Upset tummy, seemingly with dairy and oats (only now)
  • Still can’t take much liquid, and hardly water (so mostly juices, Milo etc.)

In Tri 1 I could barely care about how I look and what I felt like wearing (I wore the same 2 dresses all the times I had to drag myself to meetings). I couldn’t entertain the thought of traveling even, and the image of sitting on a plane was enough to trigger my nausea.

One of the signs that I was moving past Tri 1 was – I felt fine enough to get some bras to accommodate my growing boobs and shopped a little online for my usual toiletries. I even treated myself to a new Romper in time for our family Phuket trip!

Needless to say now that I’m pretty much ‘back to normal’, I was looking forward to our Phuket trip and prayed hard every day for two weeks leading up to the vacation that I would be able to eat again! Tom Yum Soup, Green Chicken Curry, Pad Thai, Pineapple Rice, Prawn Cakes, Thai Milk Tea… I wanted so badly to be welcomed warmly by them 🙁 My mum remarked as a matter of fact, back in February, that “you will be better and able to eat in Phuket”. I held on to her words as a source of strength – after all, mothers knows best!

This Phuket trip happened because Sis and Dan were to attend a wedding – which means it was going to be a partial baby-sitting trip. This time with Candace more active at nine months old, it would really require ‘all hands on board!’ to contain the CH(a)Os.

But it also turned out to be a much-needed trip for me to regain much of what I lost out on in my first trimester – food, nutrients, sun, movement, fresh air, family time and just that general ‘feel good’ 🙂


Hyatt Regency was the resort of choice because (i) it was near the wedding venue (ii) it featured a HUGE pool that is kid-friendly (iii) they have a HUGE playroom you can abandon your kids in.

The resort was 20 minutes from the famous Patong Beach, and beyond walking distance from any food and shopping – which meant we were captives within the resort and to the three monsters.

We arrived at the resort Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday night, after monster-sitting duties for a good six hours (felt like eternity), Ronald and I were pooped and wondering what on earth we got ourselves into. Three kids – with tantrums, moods and demands – were really a handful, and this was with mum AND dad helping out too (Four adults to three kids and they still managed to tire us all out). We thought that we could throw them into the pool + dinner after and burn up four hours of monster-sitting time…. but when they had already been in the pool earlier in the morning and the playroom for the whole afternoon, we were left with really nothing much to entertain them with, other than milkshakes – which they gulped down in 10 minutes.


After retiring to our room at 11pm, I turned to Ronald and said, “I’m reeeaaally not sure about the original three kids plan. I mean, it’s something I’d want, but imagine, due to my age, that would mean each kid will have to be two to three years apart… just like Coco, Claire and Candace. Ugh. How would we cope?! Maybe we should just stop at two??!!”

Ronald didn’t answer as he sunk into the hot bath I ran for him (had to reward the husband for taking care of my nieces).

Now, we don’t really have an answer yet – after all, #1 hasn’t even popped, and I have other things to worry about (like if I can handle a water-birth without Epidural). For now, preparing for birth plans, attending classes, getting exercise…

… and eating my way through second trimester is what’s on the agenda for the next three months!


Ronald and I had a Saturday afternoon to ourselves in Patong since the family flew back earlier: Finally!!!! Freedom to explore and satisfy the craving for some good, local food!


Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to wear comfy rompers – plus style points with ease


My baby bump, at 14+weeks (although half of that is likely food from the breakfast buffet…) First time out with the little nugget in the sun and in a pool – felt a little thrilled … but mostly felt fat.


Took the chance in Thailand to fill up on Coconut water to replenish essential electrolytes that I lost from massive dehydration in first trimester (Unfortunately, liquids still don’t go down so well).


At this point, nausea still kicks in if I overexert myself (walk or talk at too fast a pace)… so a beautiful, slow, peaceful sunset is pure therapeutic bliss.


The beach holiday also allowed me to catch up on some sun and get those vitamins in, since most of the last three months were spent indoors and under my sheets…


The whole troop (minus one who is stuck in SG) and all the monkey business that comes along with it you just have to learn to live with. Also, taking care of three monsters is truly the fastest way of learning the ropes to parenthood.

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