29 March 2016, by Gerald Koh

Holiday Partners

I’ve always loved going on holidays! Seriously… who doesn’t??! When I was a lot younger, I’ve never actually travelled. The number of times I took a boat or boarded a plane was probably three? Yup! That probably explains why it’s becoming a bit of a wanderlust problem I’m suffering from now!! I CAN’T STOP!!

Now… going on a holiday could be a tricky problem to some ALL of us. Especially when you’re not on a solo trip. ie: GROUP vacation!! Problems arise as early as before you even board the plane! Where/what to eat… Sightseeing Vs Shopping… Wake up call time… Waiting for the boys girls to finish dolling up their hair etc… It’s a nightmare…

I remember going on a trip with only three people… and let’s just say I never want to relive memories from that trip ever again. I say that with gusto.

However, a trip or a short getaway is a GREAT way to strengthen a relationship with a partner 🙂 Especially when the trip involves getting her friends to know more about you too! There is this unspoken rule that I agree with fully: It’s easier to get the girl when her friends love you.

I remember going on our first trip together five years ago. Zhi Xin and I decided to go on a two night cruise together with her friends. I was quite nervous initially. We were together for close to a year. But we have never gone out of the country together before! LOL! You see… going on a trip with your partner could make or break a fairly strong relationship. Besides looking out for each other, bearing each other’s living habits could be quite a tricky situation too! Let me elaborate:

Toilet Habits:
Having the toilet seat cover up or down. I mean seriously… I don’t know if this applies to most dudes. But whether or not it is up or down, as long as it’s not in the way! RIGHT?! Ok, maybe it’s just me being too much of a boy. But yup, I now understand that having it down is mandatory.

Capping your toothpaste… ok, fine. That’s just me being irresponsible. But after the many holiday trips, I’ve learnt to be a more responsible partner.

Sleeping Habits:
Snoring. Nuff said. I’m at fault. But having to know that Zhi Xin has found a way around the noisy grunts at night is definitely very assuring to me. OKOK… who am I to kid… No one is able to find a way around it… But I guess she is now used to it? OK!!! Nobody gets used to snores… ok I don’t know how she does it then. Actually, come to think of it, I wonder if her friends judged me!! We were in a four person cabin and… oh my…

I’m not saying that you should use a holiday to decide on whether you can marry this partner of yours, but I’m pretty sure Zhi Xin and I have learnt a lot about each other through the many trips we’ve been together prior to our marriage. How else will you ever know that your partner won’t put a cockroach inside your mouth when you snore a bit too much?

Yea… we discussed about it after she realised my bad snoring habit. Luckily I was in time to say “please no, I love you”. I hate cockroaches.

Besides travelling with our friends, there are also many different things Zhi Xin and I did prior to our marriage which I think did help in the firm foundation of the relationship 🙂 Will share with you in my next post!

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