28 March 2016, by Camilla Harrison

Inner Strength

It’s amazing what parenthood throws at you (often unexpectedly). Its also amazing how you might be unsure of your ability to handle what arises in parenthood until you are forced to do it. Truly, parenthood pulls, challenges and expands you in ways you could never even fathom. It also teaches you are stronger than you think. Here’s a recent example 😉

Recently Siena brought home a cold. OK, nothing to freak out about I thought. A little eucalyptus oil, a little rest and she’ll be back on her feet. Only, her cold had a few tricks up its sleeve I wasn’t prepared for. It brought with it an earache, it was passed to my husband and I and worst of all it was passed to my just-vaccinated-and-very-grumpy four month old who ended up being admitted for bronchiolitis. It was a week of running between sick children, tending to a baby in hospital, continuing to run the house and making sure I didn’t get too run down myself.

From an outsider’s perspective, it was a lot to handle (and it was!). Yet from my perspective, in some ways, it was just life as usual (albeit with more stress and at a faster pace). In essence, during that week, it was just time to get to work. It was parenting, just in a different way.  From hourly temperature checks, to scheduling medicine doses, to handling the tantrums that came with those dosages – lol – I just put my head down and tended to what needed to be done. I proved to myself that I have indeed come a long way. I didn’t freak out. I didn’t collapse. I dug deep and stepped up to the plate.

I can’t lie, if you were going to tell me the kind of week I was going to have before I had it, I probably would have crawled into a hot bath and stayed there for a few days. Yet now that I’ve been through it, it doesn’t seem so bad – and it wasn’t.

Interestingly, as my children have grown, my perspective on what it means to be sick has changed as well. When Siena was born, I think we took her to the doctor for anything (and I mean anything). But now seeing the strength of her immunity I try and not to get so stressed out. She may be small but she is strong! And her body can handle a lot of what is thrown at it. I’m keeping this in mind as I think about Soma – who is only four months.

I guess the moral of the story is, the inner strength is there – for our children to fight sickness when it arises and for us to not freak out when it’s time to do just that. The strength just requires you to tap into it. And I have a feeling this adventure called parenthood is going to provide lots of opportunities!

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