29 February 2016, by Lim Peifen

Our first Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Monkey! Hope you had a great time celebrating the lunar new year. We certainly did, because it was our very first as a family of three.

Dressing Luke up for the festivities was great fun for the adults. My in-laws did the clothes shopping for him, and my job was to make sure he donned the right outfit with the right accessories, then take a lot of pictures. I used to secretly scorn parents who snapped picture after picture of their kids and refused to delete any even if it was poorly taken, but now I finally and totally understand why. And I do the same.


It’s physically impossible to not smile at the sight of your little one all dressed up. I think he was pretty pleased with how he looked, and the fact that he could almost pose standing on his own without much support.

Visiting the relatives was a great big adventure for Luke, as he had just started to recognise faces and places. He loved taking in all the new sights and sounds and smells, but he was also ready to turn a smile upside down and burst into tears whenever he lost sight of me or my husband. Breaks my heart to see him cry but that forlorn expression just before he bawls is so adorable!

Other than being a baby, Luke also had real responsibilities on his visits.


This was my favourite outfit of his for the New Year. A great visual reminder for the relatives. Well done, my boy.

We did something a little different this year too. After the usual visits on Day One, we headed out to Orchard Road for a short break. I loved the relaxed atmosphere, the malls were not crowded, the streets were not congested and noisy, and the weather was perfect for a walk and some pictures.


Babywearing is the best way to take a walk with Luke. He’s very active and fidgety when I carry him, but when I wear him, he calms down and quietly observes his surroundings. I love the feeling of him close to me, and judging from that cheeky smile on his face, I think he likes sticking to me too! Better cherish these moments while they last…

Chinese New Year wasn’t just about Ang Baos and oranges, the Seventh Day was also Valentine’s Day. Although I’ve reassured the hubby he didn’t need to plan any celebrations, he made a reservation anyway. So after tucking the boss into bed, we went on a quick dinner date at one of our all-time favourite restaurants. It’s also where we celebrated our very first Valentine’s Day as a couple more than eleven years ago. Unlike back then, we could not afford taking our own sweet time and saying too many sweet nothings to each other, but the precious hour was well spent having a good chat, which included topics other than Luke. We also played a fun game of “Guess How Long They Have Been Dating”, which involved observing couples seated around us and deciphering how long they’ve been together based on the way they were dressed, how they conversed and what gifts they exchanged.


Despite the sleepless nights and action-packed days as new parents, there is always time and energy for a little romance.

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