12 February 2016, by Gerald Koh

Dear Future Me

Stress Level : 195%

Yup! I’m just about one week away from THE WEDDING BANQUET!! It’s really kind of scary..

The thought of Murphy’s Law – “what could go wrong, will possibly go wrong” haunts me possibly everyday till just one hour before the wedding banquet. That last one hour is for you to slowly soak into the fact that you shouldn’t really care about anything already la!

From the wedding invites, to the many people who slowly but surely tell you that they can’t turn up.. (speaking of which, if you’re going to send your wedding invites out soon or in the near future, just note to self that it’s kind of a thing here that people don’t practice the RSVP thing… it’s normal. Don’t fault yourself heh heh heh). I’m pretty nervous for the reception foyer area more than the banquet itself though..hahhaha!! Yup.. we’re going with a wanderlust themed wedding, hence the foyer reception area will be transformed to look like AN AIRPORT… From the metal detectors to air stewardesses checking your passports (each guest will collect their personal passports at the registration booth which states their country of travel) and guide you to your “airplane seats”!

Check out the boarding passes we attached with the wedding invites!

IMG_20160109_203652 (1)

Anyway, a few days ago, wifey and I took some time away from the wedding preparation stress and sat down to pen something which I felt would be meaningful to us in the future. We need to remember that the wedding prep, banquet, table allocation craziness, etc. are just the extra fluff to make it a more memorable day. What we really needed to take along with us from the wedding day was the reason why we got there. So we wrote a letter to ourselves, IN THE FUTURE 😉

This is a letter to myself:

Dear future Gerald,

I wrote this little message in 2016! 

You’re probably reading this 10, 20, or 30 years from now, and I do hope you remember the smiles you saw at your wedding banquet! And also that twinkle in her eye just moments before you walk down the long aisle pretending like you are the handsomest boy in the room.

Anyway, I’m here to remind you once again, why you had decided to hold her hand for the first time some many years ago, and told yourself that she is the one.

From the early days of waiting impatiently for Zhixin to reply to you on Facebook, to conquering all the Disneylands in the world together, I hope you remember how she has always been there for you when you were sad, happy, nervous or not so smart in your decisions.

Remember that time in Hong Kong when your fever spiked to 39 degrees because you didn’t drink enough water in the cold and ate this stupid piece of cuttlefish? Yup.. she warned you about drinking enough water and to stay away from that stupid ‘heaty-grilled’ cuttlefish.. But without complaining, she stayed up the whole night giving you water alarms every 20 minutes and dabbing your forehead with the cold towel hoping to bring the fever down. Fortunately it did.. and it worked your bladder pretty damn much.

Having your life entirely exposed to the public on social media is probably abnormal, and may not be easy to accept. But she has always told you that you’re in a career that requires it, so do everything that is needed as she will stand by you all the time.

I don’t know what’s it like 20 or 30 years from now, but remember how she will always laugh at your unfunny jokes, making you feel like a million dollars.

Finally, remember how forgiving this girl is, because, although you have made a couple of silly mistakes, she has never stayed angry for more than 50 minutes. Yup, you timed.

What God has put together, no one should ever divide. Dear Future Gerald, I hope you remember this beautiful blessing of having Zhixin as your wife. Honour her, cherish her, and make her proud. Stop looking at your handphone all the time!

And this is the letter she wrote to her future self:

Dear future Zhixin, how are you? I seriously hope that you’re still in shape because you know how you’re always eating when you’re with Gerald. Well I guess that’s what happens when you’re in love.

You might have decided to read this 20 years from now, probably because that silly 51 year old boy has forced you to do so, wanting you to remember how cute he is. But I do hope you remember the reasons why you fell head over heels for him.

Never would you ever think that it will be possible to talk about almost anything with a boy. From the cheesiest of chick flicks, to how handsome Zac Efron is, Gerald was the first and only guy you have ever met who is totally alright with you talking about handsome boys. Well.. he’s got his Emma Watson, so we’re quits.

You once thought that you needed to learn how to cook to satisfy your future husband, but instead, he fights over the cooking pan because he cooks a little better than you. The love he puts in his dishes made you warm and fuzzy inside.

When we are out for meals, he de-shells the prawns or Sri Lankan crabs and meticulously takes out the little fish bones before you’re allowed to put them in your mouth. He also gives you his share of coriander because you like them, and eats the bittergourd because you hate them.

I wonder if he still does this 20 years from now, but during the quarrels we’ve had, he would always hold on to your hand because he feels it’s important. You found it really weird initially, but have come to realise that it is a really sweet gesture which made every quarrel an improvement to our relationship.

Finally, how can you not love this boy when he did the most impossible thing, and that is to get your favourite Adam Lambert to help with the proposal.

Dear future Zhixin, I hope you’ve been an awesome wife to this ridiculously sweet husband and remember not to stay angry for long whenever you guys quarrel, because you know you will always win.

All the best to #ThunderWedding2016 🙂 One more week to the show!

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