30 January 2016, by Camilla Harrison

First Day of School

I can’t believe its 2016! In our house, we celebrated not only the arrival of a new year but the fact that our little Siena has turned 3!  December is always a super fun and jam packed time in our lives as it is Siena’s birthday on the 23rd, then Christmas only two days later. We would decorate our Christmas tree with party hats for her, then scramble to decorate it for Christmas. I suppose Siena will just have to get used to having a little bit of Christmas infused into every Birthday 😉

Now that we have a little pre-schooler on our hands, we face another huge milestone: Siena starting school (a real school!). When this realisation hit me, I was filled with mixed emotions: pride, excitement, a little apprehension and even a little sadness. My baby seemed to be no longer be just that!

Siena has always been super outgoing and a ‘ready for school’ kind of girl. On her first day of playgroup (then 2 years old) she stood up and sang a solo of twinkle twinkle little star in front of all the other children. This is a girl who is so naturally outgoing. So why was I so nervous at her starting this amazing new adventure!?

The big morning arrived and off we went, walking up the hill in our new uniform on our very first day! All in all, Siena did amazing. At first she would only have me beside her but slowly she ventured into the circle at story time, casually sneaking a peak over her shoulder to check if I was still there. After a jam packed morning of outdoor play, stories, Chinese and lunch, she fell asleep within minutes of climbing into her buggy. That was an exhausting but successful first day!

Then came day 3 – the day I had to say goodbye. I explained to her that mama was going to be back very soon for her but the tears started flowing (as expected). She even moved a chair to the front door of the school and told the teacher she was going to sit and wait for my return. After a kiss and letting her know how much fun she was going to have, I mustered all my strength and made my exit. The teacher told me within 10 minutes she was fine and began happily playing with her peers. My stress level however took a little longer to return to normal.

So onwards we go: me now with a 3 month old and a pre-schooler! These milestones have me realising they are just as much a learning experience for me, the parent, as they are for her. As she grows, I’m learning to step back (not too far back right now, just an inch!) and let her experience life as it presents itself with all its amazing opportunities for learning and fun. I guess you can say, I’ll always be there waiting as her safety net. And I know with this new milestone, challenges may come, but when viewed with the right mindset, challenges are wonderful opportunities to grow and experience new things.

All I know is I’ll be by her side through all of them 🙂


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