25 January 2016, by Mandy Loh


I’m sure many parents of two or more children will agree, it is really amazing how the 2nd-born develops comparatively faster than their older sibling!

Perhaps it is partly a gender thing, that girls generally develop verbal skills faster than boys, but Caris, at 23 months, is able to have simple conversations with me now! That’s freaking awesome! In comparison, Cristan was only uttering single words or at most, short phrases at 23 months.

On the other hand, girls are supposed to be slower in motor skills, but interestingly Caris is also doing really well on that front! I was so proud of Cristan when he conquered a climbing structure in the playground at 22 months. Well, Caris managed the same thing about a month or two ago! And she’s already scooting around confidently on a skate scooter even before turning two years old. I guess having an older sibling to learn such things from, really accelerates such development.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to document some of Caris’s funny, mangled words, just as I had done with Cristan’s, back when he was 2 years old.


One of her earliest mispronounced words, back when she could only handle one syllable, was her version of “sorry”. There was one time I was really mad with her, but she said “sor-sor” so adorably I couldn’t stay angry anymore!


Similar to Sor-Sor, this was when Caris was just starting to speak and could only handle one syllable. I taught her to say Ta for “thank you”, as it was easier for her,  and it’s also a legit slang used in Australia!


This was really entertaining – she would say “ba-toon” excitedly when referring to balloons. There was a particular library book that she really liked, which had two characters going up a hot air balloon. On several occasions when Tim read the book to her, he would also playfully read it as “hot air ba-toon”.

Yes, I know we should be correcting her instead of using the wrongly-pronounced word, but its so funny we can’t resist it! Sorta like this cartoon:

Credits: Fowl Language Comics by Brian Gordon http://www.fowllanguagecomics.com/comic/boops/

Credits: Fowl Language Comics by Brian Gordon http://www.fowllanguagecomics.com/comic/boops/


Can you guess what this word means? I’ll give you a clue, it’s a vegetable! At dinner the other night, she was asking for more broccoli, and I was teaching her how to pronounce the word. Admittedly, it’s quite a complicated word to pronounce, so she finally settled on broky-broky. Ok lah, acceptable for the moment, and oh-so-cute!

Comments and Conversations

I think Caris is naturally more outgoing than Cristan, because she would actually initiate conversation. She will come to me when I’m cleaning up and say “I help you k?”, or ask Cristan “You play with me, yes?”. When she is having breakfast and Tim comes out of the room, she will say “Hello Daddy, I eating bread.” Just now, after snack, she came to me and told me “Mummy, kor kor help me wash mouth”. I don’t recall Cristan being this chatty or conversant at this age!

The great thing about being so verbal is that Caris can communicate more effectively with us, and this helps to avert (some) tantrums. I recall Cristan getting pretty frustrated at this age when he couldn’t tell us what he wanted. Then again, Caris is turning two next month…so maybe the worst of the terrible twos is still ahead! Yikes! Wish us luck!


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