1 January 2016, by Gerald Koh

Road to a family

It’s been a couple of months since the church wedding ceremony (aka ROM) and I’m kind of slowly getting used to married life 🙂 For starters, I’m starting to be more responsible with the way I spend my money! In fact, it’s pretty much a “OUR MONEY” situation right now LOL 🙂

ZX is very frugal when it comes to money, and she has an excel sheet to tell us that we are spending too much on for example…on food, or that some things are categorised as a want and not a need. For me, it’s very much the contrary.. I buy the latest gadget and I am on a constant hunt for new sneakers (it’s become a habit I cannot kick). I guess opposites attract 😀 And I see this attraction as something positive for me in the long run I guess?

Some of my friends have asked me about how I’ve managed to fork out the money I spent for my wedding. To be honest, weddings in Singapore are very expensive. But I did my fair share of saving up since three years ago when I proposed to ZX. There was no turning back!! The BTO flat will come… and I would have to have a banquet…. and I would need MONEY for those!! Hence, I came up with a strategy 😉 I had to tell myself that whatever money I spent on simple luxuries, I would have to save twice that amount. If I didn’t have that amount to save, walk out of that gadget or sneaker store!! It was a strict rule i followed, but I’m glad it has benefited me today 😉

Money could and would be something that will be discussed over and over again in a marriage. I’m not saying this as an expert, considering I’m only 3 months old as a married man, but it’s something that you can’t avoid. Married or not, I guess good financial planning helps you in times of need.

Sometimes, it scares me when I think about raising a child. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE children!! I’ve even thought of names to give my kids. Lilo if it’s a girl, and Stitch if it’s a boy. Ok I’m clearly kidding… but I do go fanatically crazy when I see Stitch at Disneyland… Anyway, I digress… yup… family planning can be in place, and have a baby only when you are ready… BUT sometimes, these things can’t be planned… what if it just comes?! hahahaha! So, I’m now starting this excel spreadsheet thing that I’ve learnt from the wifey, which will help me better in my financial planning 🙂 Oh boy! Gerald you have finally grown up.

So yes, I’ve currently listed these variables in my excel spreadsheet as follows:
1) Baby
2) House Reno
3) Furniture
4) Car expenses
5) Travel
6) Food
7) Insurance
8) Shopping

The list is set on my priorities in my married life as of now 🙂 So thanks to my realisation that I should be more frugal with my money, I’ve placed SHOPPING at the lowest of priorities…


I think I did 😉

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