17 December 2015, by Gerald Koh

A Whole New World

It’s been over 2 years since I last spent time on my laptop typing away on a blogpost. Those were the days when my blog was more or less about my job as a dj or advertorials which I believed in. But this time round, it feels a lot different. A huge sense of responsibility awaits as I start sharing about my journey of adulthood married life and possibly what goes on behind the minds of my girlfriend wife and me 🙂

So I’ve read a couple of articles/blogs which shared about the Do’s and Don’ts of married life… what to watch out for during the preparation of a wedding… or eating lemons to have a baby girl. I guess I won’t be delivering those kind of posts.. mainly because I don’t think I’m equipped with a vast knowledge on those things 😉 Instead, I would love to focus and share with you the really “cooler” and more fun things rather than the hullabaloo of the stresses couples go thorugh… And I hope you might do the same too when you start prepping for your big day 🙂

In a blink of an eye, 2 months after we said “I Do” whisked by like a shinkansen! It’s kinda surreal how everything panned out. I remember how my friends who had their weddings before me, telling me how stressed out they were and how they tried to meet their 110% perfect expectation because it’s their once in a lifetime big day and NOTHING SHOULD SCREW UP. But of course… in reality, if you do meet 70% of your expectations, you have already won Toto.


In fact, mine kinda did… hahahaha the operative word here is “kinda” .. BUT HEY!! Your wedding is really not about whether
1) this relative is happy
2) the food suits your colleagues’ palettes
3) if your ex gets jealous of you when he/she stalks your Instagram
3) if the colour of the flowers fits the theme (Ok fine.. this is probably important)

But what I’m trying to say is… DO NOT LOSE THE PLOT…

Wedding Ceremony = You + Partner – Everybody else with an opinion :3

It would be a lie if I said we completely ignored the logistics of it all. But well above the stressful parts, we tried to focus on “us”. Because 30 years down the road, when we do look back at our wedding day, I hope to remember the happy tears I tried to cover up when I saw her walking down the aisle with her Daddy, and the many smiles we had with each other because we were just so happy 😀 I don’t think I will remember how many glasses of wine were drunk, or if the flowers were pink enough ;p

One of the few “us” moments prior to the church wedding was when ZX and I created bridesmaid boxes filled with essentials like mints, little trinkets like earrings, face masks, lip gloss, nail polish and a little personal message from us to the bridesmaids 🙂 I felt that it’s the little things like these which we did together that made our preparation for the wedding a little more fun and meaningful

We could easily fall into the stressed out mode and suddenly forget about the main reason why we had a wedding. One night, many nights before the wedding, ZX passed me an envelope, and some good quality paper. She told me to pen down my thoughts about us. The happy moments, the sad moments, the angry moments and the crazy fun moments. She did the same too. I remembered writing about how my heart pumped when we went out on a date for the first time, and how I asked her to skip a lecture on our 5th date to go eat chilli crabs. Our messages were penned down and were sealed in an envelope weeks before, and could only be opened and read in the presence of each other on our wedding day 🙂

Gerald and Zhixin - Mel0845

A wedding ceremony is only but a day. The journey through this whole new world together is going to take a long long time 😀 Let me share with you about my life after the church wedding in my next post 🙂 Till then, let me go wash the dishes now, because I’m now a married man.

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