30 November 2015, by Mandy Loh

4Ms of (Allergy) Management

It has been more than a year since we found out about Cristan’s dust mite allergy. Back when he was about 3 years old, we did a skin prick test on the advice of a paediatrician, to investigate why he was constantly falling sick. While the allergy is nothing too serious, it is bothersome as Cristan has to deal with frequent runny nose, and cough due to back drip of mucus from the nose to the throat.

The most irritating aspect of the allergy, however, is the eczema it causes. Since he was an infant, Cristan had been scratching at his inner elbows and back of the knees. When he was a toddler, he would also scratch and pull at his diaper area, which prompted me to potty train him as early as possible, as I thought the diapers were the cause of the itch.

As it turns out, the itching was really due to his allergy, and while there is no cure, there are ways to help alleviate the symptoms. Here are my 4Ms of Allergy Management I’ve learnt in the past one year or so, and hopefully it’ll help other moms out there who have children with dust mite allergies!


The first thing the paediatrician told us was to get rid of all stuffed toys and rugs from his room, and preferably the house. Thankfully, Cristan is a boy with absolutely no affinity towards stuffed toys, so this was easily done! We also do not have carpets or rugs in the house, so we didn’t need to do much on that regard.


Technically, we are supposed to change Cristan’s bedsheets often and keep the room clean, but as I don’t have a helper, I only wash the sheets about once every 2 weeks. We do, however, switch on the air purifier every night when he sleeps, so hopefully that mitigates things!


I used to be averse about medicating too liberally. However, I’ve learnt that in Cristan’s case, a well-timed dose of allergy medication really helps. When he starts getting sniffly, the medicine stops him from developing a full-blown cough and cold, and allows him to have a good night’s rest without any coughing fits. It also greatly reduce the itchiness when he is having an eczema flare-up.


Most importantly, we have learnt that the best way to deal with Cristan’s eczema is to be proactive and disciplined about moisturising. Cristan’s skin gets itchy whenever he is sweaty, and strangely, when he is sleepy.

Our strategy is to moisturise frequently to prevent his skin from itching, because it is quite impossible to stop him from scratching when it does itch. Currently, we put cream on his “itchy spots” every morning and night, and after his shower, we will slather cream over his entire body.

Recently, thanks to Warbotanicals, I was able to try out their Calendula and Aloe Cream, which has been really effective on Cristan!

Photo taken from Warbotanicals website

(Photo taken from Warbotanicals website)

The cream has a lovely lavender scent, and does not leave an oily residue on the skin. Since we’ve started using the cream, Cristan hardly scratches his itchy spots anymore! I told him its a “Batman cream” due to the black packaging, to get him excited about it, haha!

And since it has worked pretty well for Cristan, the rest of the family started using it too! Tim likes the name “Warbotanicals” because it sounds like it is serious about waging war against eczema, and I like the soothing fragrance of lavender! As for Caris, she just likes to be part of what kor kor is doing, and insists on dipping her fingers into the jar for her share too!

I’m also using Warbotanicals Rose Damask Hand Cream, a luxurious little pot of super-nourishing goodness to save my poor hands from the ravages of daily dishwashing! Stay-home mommas need to pamper themselves too, y’know!

Some TLC for momma

Some TLC for momma’s overworked hands

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